91 – Colby Purcell from Pygmalion in Space

A long, long time ago, in a podcast time far far away, was an interview with Colby Purcell from the webcomic Lint. listen again to Episode 7. Now, after placing 2nd in the TGT Webcomics Tournament, she and her husband Ron are back! They will be talking about the completion of Lint, their new projects Pygmalion in Space!

TGT Wecomics Tournament 1 - 50; 2nd Place Winner Colby Purcell from Lint

Special Guest Co-Host Michelle Van Zandt from Ginpu!

Host(s)Kurt Sasso ("VertigoX")
Guest Co-Host(s)Michelle Van Zandt ("Ginpu")
Special Guest(s)Colby Purcell and other her half Ron
Discussion Topic(s)Lint & Pygmalion in Space