There is something to be said about film noir or to take it a step further webcomic noir. Most recently I spotlighted a webcomic Marsh Rocket. My first real webcomic noir. That author Jules Rivera mentioned over twitter that if I liked her work I would love this next author Alice Fox and her webcomic crime noir aptly named: Two Rooks.

In a world where we disregarded mother nature to fuel our own advances in medicine, housing and our own betterment in life.

We didn’t see the warnings…think of the consequences… or listen to her calls for help… we should have…
Mother nature had decided enough was enough and struck without warning; without mercy; A plague descended upon earth that wiped out what once was a vibrant world into one where criminals and rich rule.
I’m not sure why I haven’t heard of Alice Fox before and I must say “Shame, shame on me” for not hearing about her work sooner.
Truly this is an author / artist that likes to take the boundaries of the noir scene to their limits even with the selection of comics I have decided to display here for her Two Rooks comic (I would have displayed all of her pages but you would be reading for days… Click here for more details.)

That being said her art style is not necessarily similar to Jules Rivera and I am not trying to compare the two by any stretch of the imagination. They are both great works that deserve more attention that I hope people will give them.

The archive is extensive and definitely worth the read. If you don’t you will be lost just jumping into the last page. Like any classic crime film, a good story starts at the supposed end and is retold from the beginning.

Alice does a great job not only retelling the story in detail but also breaking it up from time to time by not just focusing on the main character of “Dea” there are other lives intertwined by this mysterious person whom you could easily call an ‘anti-hero’.

That being said, you follow him willingly into the foray that is corruption, disentition among various factions and it seems that while he is a skilled person in assassinations he’s left the game for some reason or another that truly isn’t explained.

However, wherever he goes people are either more than willing to help him or just plain kill him. Can’t a guy just get a break in toppling a government in peace, I mean really now 😉

As of this spotlight we are already into Book 2 and it doesn’t seem like the webcomic will be stopping anytime soon and is scheduled to go into Book 4. Book 1 is available for purchase in both colour and black/white with a sketch as well.

For those that really enjoy this webcomic, purchase the book. If you can’t at this point, save up the pennies and do so, you won’t be disappointed.  If anyone wants to talk with Alice Fox on Twitter, here you go: message her and tell her what you think of the webcomic.

With great writing and art like this I’m sure you will see how it pays off to think three moves ahead, like in author Alice Fox’s: Two Rooks.

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  1. Gunnr

    I was checking out a comic I’d heard about on the Sage website, and I thought I’d see what else they had of interest. Two Rooks’ distinctive style of artwork caught my attention with the first page I looked at. I caught up on the back story in one marathon sitting — it was that good. Bout time this talented lady got some kudos. This artist consistently delivers page after page of beautiful art, and an edgy story full of interesting characters and twisty plot.