August 2011 marks the first successful year at

DALLAS, TX — Morgan McCorkindale, a.k.a. Zombie Boy, the 11-year old kid whose family vacation to Voodoo Island changed his afterlife forever, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of his most recent incarnation as an Internet comic strip star.

While Zombie Boy was not available for comment, his creator, Mark Stokes, had this to say:

“This one year anniversary marks a challenge I set for myself to reach at least a year online,” said Stokes, who has created and published various incarnations of Zombie Boy for almost 25 years now. “The comic strip format, which I knew was going to be a challenge since I was used to writing longer stories, has helped me improve my work, keep up my schedule and write short, economical and funny story lines. Hopefully I can reach my next goal, which is sticking around until the strip’s second anniversary!”

Join in the afterlife and adventures of ju-juvenile Morgan McCorkindale and his friends online three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at

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