Five years doing anything is a really long time. Five years doing a webcomic is an eternity. As long as you have fun with it and don’t kill each other you can survive anything. Which brings me to my guests. They have both been on the show numerous times and always have informative information to share, this episode they didn’t disappoint. We are joined by Eben Burgoon & Dan Bethel from EBEN 07!

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  1. Eben07 &raquo 5 Years of Eben07 and More!

    […] Burgoon and Bethel reflect a little more on the five years, we were recently interviewed on the TGT Media podcast and as usual it was a lot of fun.TGT has been a longtime supporter of what we do and we’re […]

  2. Eben Burgoon

    Thanks for having us, Kurt! Always fun to do TGT!