The Podcasting with Tom Racine episode was at least in my mind a great success. This is more about the podcasting aspect than really about webcomics and the creators but really the backgrounds of radio personalities.

This time I approached one part of three hosts of a great podcast I’ve listened to for a while, Fesworks from The Webcomic Beacon. Joining us will be the rest of the TWB crew Tanya from Daisies and Shit and Mark from Autumn Lake.

Chat Room Log:
VertigoX – hey all
VertigoX – just getting this setup
VertigoX –
VertigoX – In terms of chat topics how about these?

– Introduction / Special cross promotion
– Getting started in Podcasting: Your background
VertigoX – – Type of Equipment: What did you start with? What are you using now?
– Trial and Error: Your format, what works for you?
VertigoX – – Website creation: What is needed
– Answering any questions from the channel
VertigoX – heya Steve from mooncity
VertigoX – John W 🙂 how’s things
ZombieRoomie – Things are fine, working on Monday’s comic. It seems to be #70.
VertigoX – awesome
VertigoX – heya gypsygirl
VertigoX – heya Tree
VertigoX – Savannah welcome back 🙂
ZombieRoomie – I’m waiting to advertise for a year into the comic.
treelobsters – Hi VertigoX
gypsygirl – Is this thing on?
gypsygirl – cool.
Savannah – Welcome back? I never left! 😛
weofui – Hello! It’s nekid podcast day!
gypsygirl – Talkshoe runs ads now?
weofui – Every once in a while.
weofui – Hey, John? Would it be okay if I sent a copy of Gypsy to David Wolfe? (Paranoia High, EH Joes, etc…)
gypsygirl – Please. I’ve got 900 copies to get rid of.
weofui – You should bring more for me to take to Penguicon – I bet I can sell more.
gypsygirl – Is any of the Ardra crew going to be at the Penguin?
mooncity – I do believe Jason will be there again this year.
weofui – Jason is going to be there. There’s actually a ton of really amazing people going this year.
gypsygirl – I will bring more booksstions? next week. Any sugge
gypsygirl – stions?
treelobsters – I really need to build a telepresence robot thingie so I can attend more of these cons.
weofui – Gods, bring anything you have. I love your stuff.
gypsygirl – 12 cases and a handtruck…
VertigoX – heya Michelle
fesworks –
weofui – *grins*
VertigoX – 🙂
Ginpu – Hiya!
VertigoX – i have to get that done as well
treelobsters – I’m confused. This conversation has nothing to do with Star Trek or boobs.
weofui – Looks like Howard Taylor is going to be there… Chris Hallbeck is coming again.
weofui – TL – I know, weird, eh?
treelobsters – 😀
treelobsters –
weofui – I’m going to be filming my first YouTube test video after this. I suppose I should be taking notes. *laughs*
weofui – Those skirts were insane. Seriously, daily vag viewing on the Enterprise.
weofui – There aren’t many people on YouTube that seem to be using a separate mic… does anyone know anything about videoblogging?
gypsygirl – oop… battery is dying. I’m out…
treelobsters – A google image search for star trek boobs gets some interesting results
treelobsters – I guess I’d better study up on Star Trek and boobs so I’ll be prepared when I’m a guest 😀
Ginpu – You can block the applications on FB
treelobsters – …and “laugh derisively”
VertigoX – 🙂
VertigoX – Any questions for The Webcomic Beacon crew?
Ginpu – Just a thought on the advertising thing…
treelobsters – “Hey, I’ve got a Webcomic Beacon ad on my site. It must suck!” 😀
mooncity – Still waiting for Fes to put a WB add on my site!
VertigoX – lol
Ginpu – Why not go to said low traffic sites and email the author with like an email flyer advertising directly to the author.
treelobsters – LOL
Ginpu – ok… where is what I just typed? Or is there that much lag on talkshoe?
Ginpu – wow… lag.
VertigoX – just a bit of lag
gypsygirl – Okay, I’m back. What did I miss?
VertigoX – Fes going off on webcomic creators (not naming name)
gypsygirl – Not even “code” names?
VertigoX – nope
treelobsters – I recently got “fan” mail that complained about the color of the lobsters, then closed with, “Please make the jokes or ironies a bit more funny.”
gypsygirl – what’s wrong with the color? I’ll be they are tasty…
treelobsters – He started with “Pink lobsters are COOKED lobsters.” and continued on for 4 paragraphs on that topic. 😀
gypsygirl – That makes them funnier. Zombie Lobsters.
treelobsters – LOL
treelobsters – Attack of the Zombie Lobsters!
treelobsters – I can’t remember the last time I intentionally bought a newspaper
gypsygirl – You bought one Unintentionally?
treelobsters – Well, y’know, wrapped around some fish, for example 😀
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
weofui – I was listening to the audiobook of Survivor and when I got to the lobster bit I thought of you, TL. *laughs*
VertigoX – Batman kills Christmas part 1 and 2
treelobsters – Survivor?
weofui – By Palaniuk. Excellent stuff.
VertigoX – fun time I really enjoyed
VertigoX – the show
gypsygirl – Link to TGT?
VertigoX –
gypsygirl – Thanks. Bookmarked…
VertigoX – cool 🙂
gypsygirl – Are t-shirts, etc, still gettable Tanya?
treelobsters – Somebody please get Tanya a better audio connection
weofui – I don’t know what the fuck is going on. *sighs*
gypsygirl – I still hear stuff…
weofui – I’ve tried to get on and test it, but the problem only seems to happen when we’re recording.
gypsygirl – maybe it’s Talkshoe.
weofui – Bleh.
weofui – I’ll see you next Sunday, John – bring whatever you’d like. *smiles*
gypsygirl – cool. I’ll bring Biscuits.
weofui – *laughs* Mmmmmm… biscuits.
weofui – *waves*
gypsygirl – by’all…

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