Here’s how TGT and The Comic Book Syndicate met. I was at my favourite local pizza parlor and met up with the owner of that place who is an amazing local DJ on 93.9FM The River, he told me that one of his employee’s owns not only a comic book shop, but also a local cable show as well called: The Comic Book Syndicate.

I mentioned that I was going to C2E2 and George Rizok, one of the hosts of the show said that we should do an interview and have me on their show. Yesterday was that day in beautiful downtown Windsor at the River and thus Part 1 of this cross-over show is born.

PS. If you are wondering where I got the “Spoiler Alert” shirt from I have to thank Tom Brazleton from Theatre Hopper. Thanks Tom for the interview (which will be posted soon) and the shirt.

Part 2 of this cross-over show is going to be Monday on TGT Webcomics LIVE! Where The Comic Book Syndicate reviews Webcomics, a first for them as they really haven’t read what the webcomic community has to offer.

They will be reviewing:
Legend of Bil
The Dreamer
Looking for Group
Guns of Shadow Valley