There are comics out there that remind you of a simpler time in life: Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield just to name a few. It’s a time when just being a kid meant really the only thing you had to worry about was grade school, recess and if you wanted to trade your lunch with your best friend.

Enter the webcomic, A Moment of Clarity by John “Coswell” Bintz.

This webcomic is not only just about the days back when we were kids without a care in the world; but it also delves deeper into the everyday life of a family from the perspective of the main character. Not just through the good times, like Gumballs and recess;

But, the more difficult tims as well like parents losing a job and doing what one can to not only help out but to still maintain one’s life, just with lesser means.

It makes you wonder if Charles Schulz made the Peanuts like how John Bintz has made his Moment of Clarity what Charle Brown would really do if Lucy kept pulling out the football from him.

So, if you haven’t read A Moment of Clairty, shame on you. Read it by yourself. Read it with your kids and just maybe it will open the eyes of those that are more fortunate to give back to those that really aren’t even in these uncertain economical times.

Not everything can be coloured with Rose coloured glasses and I’m glad John has taken that view and made such a wonderful webcomic for the rest of us.

You can also listen to him on our podcast in Episode 5 in the Archive below:

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