Frank Gogol’s work from Grief, to No Heroine and the widely popular Dead End Kids has exploded on the comics scene with thought provoking characters, incredible art and storylines that make you think about various themes from addiction to life and death. When Frank asked to come on the show a second time I was happy to have him. Now that we can talk about this, he returns to Two Geeks Talking to announce his newest book: Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job. We talk about the characters, how 9-11 changed Frank from a creative perspective to showcasing the reality of such a travesty, while not cheapening the event in any way whatsoever. We even get a look at the Variant Covers of a select few extremely talented artists. Check out Frank’s work on his website and Source Point Press as well. Pre-Order Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job and ask your local comic book store to order it for you. Two Geeks Talking is solely an Entertainment Interview show for creative people in the Entertainment industry. Show your support by subscribing for weekly content: