Do you want to be a Journalist or Writer? Two Geeks Talking is the place for you! Here’s our current staff that are tirelessly working at our site giving you great content!

Executive Producer / Host:
Kurt Sasso
Executive Producer / Host
Kurt Sasso has had a passion for talking with creative people who tell interesting stories. Since 2008, he has been the driving force behind running and interviewing in a one person operation Two Geeks Talking (or TGT as the acronym that is most commonly used). With his love of all things Geeky from Cartoons to Comics/Webcomics, TV and Film, Music (of all kinds), and Video Games (yes, even from the Commodore 64 days) this show was a natural progression to expand his knowledge and showcase these talented persons that cross his path.Currently in his seventh year as host of the show, he continues to bring in famous guests that will share their personal experiences, stories and life aspirations all for the younger generations to watch, listen and learn as they too find their passion in life.  As he has always said, “Everyone has a story to tell… It’s up to me to bring it out of them.”
Past Journalists / Writers:
Jeannie Di Giacomo Journalist Jeannie Di Giacomo is a human. She is nice, curious, enjoys the written word and a competitive game of hot hands. She has authentic prescription glasses, worn unironically while exploring her attraction to Science and the Arts. Trained in English Lit and Creative Writing, competent in Philosophy, and present in Psychology, her post-graduate works have focused heavily on scripts, fiction, and content creation. New to the world of journalism, Jeannie is titillated by the opportunity to ask others the questions she asks herself. And then write about it.
Steph McDowell
Writer / Reviewer / Cosplayer
Steph McDowell is a cosplayer, loves to read and write about all things Geeky. She will be putting in more about herself so check back. (Coming soon)
Sarah Lau
Sarah Lau is a Digital Journalism and Communication, Media, and Film student at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She joined Two Geeks Talking to polish her writing skills and has interviewed Chris Ecker (Big Bang Comics), Danielle Corsetto (Girls With Slingshots), Jamie Jennings (Lavender Legend), and more. The 20-year-old enjoys anything from video games like League of Legends to Harvest Moon, creates her own costumes and plushies, using Yelp and Instagram, watching Disney movies, and more. The Two Geeks Talking journalist can also be found watching Youtubers like Anna Akana, Bubzbeauty, WongFu Productions, and similar creators.“Over the summer or long periods of time, people forget or get out of practice of things they don’t practise. I didn’t want that to happen to my writing so I joined Two Geeks Talking. I appreciate having a routine and having to remind myself to meet deadlines otherwise my organizational and writing skills would reset from one,” shares Sarah. (Summer Intern 2014)
Past Convention Staff:
Mike Ball
Camera Operator
 A long time friend, rival and fellow Geek of Kurt Sasso over the decades, Mike has been known for his vast knowledge of Comics and Video Games. With many discussions (or were they heated arguments) Mike has helped out on many conventions with his Video operator and ability to spot interesting guests for Kurt to interview, all the while maintaining the quality standards set forth by TGT.Listen to him also discuss Video Games in the show, “Kurt Video Game Reviews” and for more video work check out his business website coming soon.
Dale Harvey
Cosplayer/Field Reporter
There are many times when you want a talented person such as Dale Harvey at your side. Replace talented with multi-talented and you are just scratching the surface of Dale’s skills. He is a screenplay writer for Together Brothers Productions, a Cosplayer, former NCAA Football champion and Video game player. In fact, it was through World of Warcraft that Dale, Mike and Kurt all met up and have been friends ever since.  Check out Dale’s amazing Cosplay with Gears of War, Left 4 Dead and Destiny coming soon to Comic Conventions on the East Coast near you!

Past Special Guest Co-Hosts (from most recent to past)
Special Guest Co-Hosts: # of Episodes co-hosted
Alice Quinn 220
Stef M 208
Liz Staley 202
James Riot 187, 188, 189, 190
Tom Szewc 113, 175
Jules Rivera 77, 172
Byron Wilkins 60-68, 70, 71, 73,74, 76, 78, 80-81, 83-88, 93-98, 101, 104, 112, 115, 117 – 119, 171
Alan Evans 82, 169
Dr. San Juan 157
Michael Throne 136
Michael “MacPaladin” Prokop 133
Todd McElmurry 132
Samantha Wikan 41, 76, 130
Michelle van Zandt 91, 99, 125
Pam Harrison 57, 72, 79, 107, 108, 108a, 110, 111
Alecia Zurita 121
Joel Watson 114
Barb Jacobs 100
Robert Ryan Corey 92
Dawn Griffin 90 – Lost Episode (only show Live that’s not posted)
Mike Dellheim 89
Rose Loughran 77
Eben Burgeron 75
Robert “ArgonsAssistant” 28.5, 33, 41, 42
Jesse Justice Jr. 30, 39, 43
Holy Reinsch 25, 27
Adam Ruttan 14, 28.5
Jamais Jochim 28.5
Scott Story 14
JT Shea 12
Steve Haymaker 12
John Hernandez 12
Phil Hofer (“Frumph”) 1 – 59