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353 – Chris Watkins from Odori Park

Chris Watkins from Odori Park has been on the show before talking about his comic in an East meets West setting. But, like all things, it’s finishing up. He’s wrapping up five years of the Comic itself and having a successful Kickstarter campaign where you can get the entire collection.

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Host(s)Kurt Sasso
Special Guest(s)Chris Watkins
Discussion Topic(s)Odori Park

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Peter Minhsang Huynh: Interview

by Sarah Lau

A rough 14-hours is the longest time Peter Minhsang Huynh has gone without food while gaming.

Peter Minhsang Huynh, 22, began competitive gaming playing SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs in 2003. The PlayStation 2 game is a third-person shooter and sold two million copies worldwide according to Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The Windsor, Ontario gamer competitively plays League of Legends (LoL), an ever-growing multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that consists of two teams with unique champions and skills. Players’ skills are put to the test in multiple game modes and battlefields.

GamesBeat reported that LoL reaches 27 million players daily and has doubled since October 2012. League of Legends generated $624 million in 2013 ranking it second in the biggest earner in the skyrocketing free-to-play category.

Huynh has won two League of Legends tournaments: online tournament League of Legends Windsor Chaos Tournament (2013) and offline tournament LAN of the Dead 4 (2013). Online tournaments are strictly through the web and offline tournaments are at a specific venue where players meet and connect to servers. He also placed second in No Man’s LAN 7 (2011), LAN of the Dead 2 (2012), and No Man’s LAN 9 (2014).

For the more competitive gamers like Huynh, ranked games is an available mode in League of Legends. Continue Reading