Archive By Year
390: Silly Kingdom Comic
389: Joanna Davidovitch Animator Monkey Rag
388: Thom Pratt from Shadowbinders
387: Danielle Corsetto from Girls with Slingshots
386: Will Terrell from Cartooning with Will
385: Adriana Blake from Fall on Me Comic
384: Alex Seguin from The Mike Hearn Band
383: Justin Babb from JBabb Comics
382: Chris Cowan from Patreon Podcast
381: Ryan Fisher from Sometime After Comic
380: Jeff Weigel from Dragon Girl
379: George Lane from Pet Force
378: Gary Barker from Pet Force
377: Keith DeCandido Writer The Klingon Art of War
376: Ian McLaughlin from COOKED!
375: Ken Gale from Comic Radio Show Nuff Said
374: Ally Monroe, D.J. Coffman, Adam Black from God Child
373: K.L. Tremaine from Independent Flight
372: Gary Carlson from Big Bang Comics
371: Rhandi Fisher from Pride of Life
370: Jason Sacks from Comics Bulletin
368: Chris Howard and Jeff Wasson from Dressed for Success
367: Mike Hearn from Walter the Wicked
366: Drezz Rodriguez from Drezzworks
365: Trevor Mueller from Albert the Alien
364: Jonathan Hiestand from Triune Comic
363: Joel Boyce from Cooked!
362: Nick Arganbright from The Good, The Bad, The Geeky
361: Jack Thomas Smith from Infliction
360: Superbitch Comic
359: Michael Kuty from Enemy Transmission
358: Moonlight Comic
357: Mysteries of the Arcana
356: Scott Lincoln from Ralf the Destroyer
354: GEEKY JOBS: Fan to Pro
353: Chris Watkins from Odori Park
352: Brian J. Crowley from Hamster Rage
351: Bryan Estepa w/ Host Melissa McLean
350: Kirby Krackle w/ Host Elliot Hale
349: Paul Caggegi from Pandeia
347: Dave Barrack from GrrlPower
346: Snow by Night
345: Jordan Kotzebue from Hominids Comic
344: Rachel Dukes from
343: Brock Heasley from Super Fogeys
342: Scott Christian Sava from The Dreamland Chronicles
341: Alan Evans from Rival Angels
340: Panel: Marketing yourself/business online.
339: Gina Biggs from Erstwhile, Demon Aid, Flithy Figments and Red String
338: Comfort Love and Adam Withers from Rainbow in the Dark and The Uniques
337: Robin Childs from LeyLines
336: Geeky Jobs: Resumes are (necessary) Evil!
335: Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey from Nelvana
334: Random Topicalypse
333: Geeky Jobs: Psychology of Geeks and Careers
332: Kevin Gentilcore from Teenage Love Zombies
331: Jules Rivera from Valkyrie Squadron & Misfortune High
330: Irma Eriksson from Imy Comic
329: Keith Brown from The Wages of Sin
328: Liz Staley author Mastering Manga Studio 5
327: Harrison Paul author Kaybree vs. The Angels
326: Sean Evans from Back to the Movies
325: Joseph D. Rodriguez from Wacky Monkeys
324: GEEKY JOBS: Marketing: Why we suck?
323: “Doc” Carlo Jose S San Juan 17th anniversary Callous Comics
322: Onizumi and Harknel from Intervention Con!
321: Delbert Hewitt Jr. from Kings of the Wastelands
320: Jeff Sinclair from Biggscorp
319: GEEKY JOBS: Generation Gaps
318: Graham & Neal Moogk-Soulis from PostScript 5 year Anniversary
317: Michael Jantze from The Norm
316: Keith Wood from Silver City
315: Michael Kuty from Enemy Transmission
314: Stephannie O’Donnell
313: Jeremy Dale from Skyward
312: Alex Heberling from The Hues
311: Paul Taylor from Wapsi Square
310: Paladin Studios Looking For Group: Fork of Truth Game
309: Dave Wachter and Jim Clark from Guns of Shadow Valley
308: Tom Szewc, Stef marcinkowski, and Max Vex The PODCASTALYPSE!
307: GEEKY JOBS: Self-Marketing
306: David Steinhoff & Shane C. Rodrigo from Journey of the Seeds
Motor City Comic Con / Filming for “Little Person among Media Giants”
304: GEEKY JOBS: Education
303: Jennifer Brazas from Mystic Revolutions
302: Aidan Casserly from Scapula
301: Byron Wilkins
300: Together Brother Productions & Terranova Productions
299: The Clown Prince of Charlotte
298: Little Moo Moos Cosplay Initiative
297: Geeky Jobs: Video Games WTF?!
296: Kojika Cosplay
295: Dirk Manning
294: Howie Noel from Tara Normal
293: Geeky Jobs: Resumes
292: Victor Chu from Manga Magazine
291: Serdar Yegulalp from Flight of the Vajra
290: Scott King from Finish the Script!
289: Ran & Cory Brown from The End
288: Savannah McIntyre from Amya Chronicles
287: Raven Perez from Raven’s Dojo
286: Sharean Morishita from Love, Love, Fighting!
285: Mike Witmer from Pinkerton Park
284: Geeky Jobs: Why New Year’s Resolutions suck!
283: Eben Burgoon from B-Squad
282: Hushicho Phoenix from Incubus Tales
281: Tess Cooper from Little Forkers
280: James Ferguson from Happy Holidays the Movie
279: Astrid Johannsen from Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry w/ co-host “Doc” Dr. Carlo Jose S San Juan
278: Dion Floyd from Aqyarius Entertainment
277: Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein & Scott Rubenstein from The Script Broker
276: Brigid Spicer from Squid Row comics
275: Chris Flick from Capes N Babes
274: Drezz Rodriguez from El-Cuervo sponsored by Variables
273: Eben Burgoon & Dan Bethel from Eben07 5th Anniversary
272: Jason Leaver from Out with Dad
271: Geeky Jobs: Finding a Job
270: Liz Staley from Adrastus
269: Scott Lincoln from Ralf the Destroyer
268: Dirk Manning from Write or Wrong
267: Rob Barba & Ayne Barba from Megami Studios
266: Gavin Free from Roosterteeth
265: RVBTO Q&A w/ Burnie Burns, Kathleen Zuelch, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman
264: Brock Beauchamp from Variables
263: Daniel French from Pearls of Mer
262: Drew Pocza from Pokeweed & Sponsored by: Sometime After Comic
261: Johnathon Brock on Business of Conventions w/co-host ‘Doc’ Dr. Carlo Jose S San Juan
260: Animation Aficionados podcast
259: Chu from Slightly Damned
258: DJ Coffman & Jason Embury from “Hero by Night”
257: Alex Heberling
256: Robert Garrett from XMoor Studios
255: Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan & Pilar from M.O.U.S.E
254: Conor McCreery from Kill Shakespeare sponsored by Drow Tales
253: Shawn Gustafson and Al Fukalek from The Specialists sponsored by Brock Beauchamp Variables
252: Kambrea & Kneon Pratt from Shadowbinders sponsored by Drow Tales
251: Dale Harvey Cosplayer & Together Brothers Productions
250: Johnny Zito & Tony Trov from Dogs of Mars
249: Otter from A Girl and Her Fed
248: Higher Education: OSAP
247: Comfort Love & Adam Withers from The Uniques, Rainbow in the Dark
246: Geeky Jobs: Location, Location, Re-Location
245: Scott Sava from The Dreamland Chronicles w/ co-host Rob Chambers
244: “Ask the Butcher” Jamie Waldron Interview: After the Lamb
243: “Ask the Butcher” Lamb: Final Course
242: “Ask the Butcher” Lamb: Second Course
241: “Ask the Butcher” Lamb: First Course
240: J.K. Woodward
239: Geeky Jobs: Networking your Passion
238: Brock Heasley from Super Fogeys
237: Ran & Cory Brown from The End
236: Geeky Jobs: Jobs Never Heard Of
235: Ask The Butcher: Final & QA
234: Ask The Butcher: Third Course
233: Ask The Butcher: Second Course
232: Ask The Butcher: Duck, Duck, Goose: First Course
231: Ask The Butcher: Jamie Waldron Interview
230: Katelynn & Julia from Moonlight
229: Steve Ellis & David Gallaher from The Only Living Boy
228: Gabe Evans, Director “Why Am I So Fat?”
227: Joe Mulvey from SCAM
226: Higher Education: The Journey
225: Geoff Thorne & Todd Harris from Genre 19
224: Geeky Jobs: Monetize your Passion
223: TGT RANT: Online Comic Distribution
222: Lauren Urban, Professional Oboist and Geek Gamer
221 – Steve Coffin from Lutu: Warrior of the North
220 – Tom Brazelton from Theater Hopper
219 – Michael Cornacchia, Actor/Comedian
218 – John Crye and Paul Hungerford from FEWDIO
217: Alice Quinn from TDotComics
216: Chris Dickens & Phil Mogenthaler from Vigilante Project w/co-host Alice Quinn
215: Dave Barrack from Grrl Power Comic
214: Video Panel: Liz Staley from Adrastus Comic & Manga Studio EX 4
213: Lee Cherolis & Ed Cho from Little Guardians: Sponsored by Shadowbinders
212: Video Interview: Brian King from inkOUTBREAK
211: Steven Savage, Geek 2.0 Author
210: Video Panel: Crash Course in Podcasting
209: Jeff Lafferty Illustrator/Stop-Motion Animator
208: Crystal Yates from Earthsong w/ co-host Stef M: Sponsored by
207: TGT Rant: Reboots and Remakes w/ Brian Anderson & Lucas Turnbloom
206: Lauren Burke, Greg Sorkin and Tony Maldanado from P.I. Jane
205: Joshua Hauke from Brothers 3
204: John Hazard from Frankenstein Superstar
203: Round table with the Wild Bunch: Stef from Sarah Zero, Tom Swezc from Alone in a Crowd & Jimmy Misanthrope from The Vortex Machine
202: Robin Dempsey from LeyLines w/co-host Liz Staley
201: Rick Howland from Lost Girl
200: Rachel & Father Keslensky from Last Res0rt & BugPudding
199: Phil Foglio from Girl Genius Online
198: Paul Taylor from Wapsi Square
197: Oskar from Mojo Comics
196: Jules Rivera from Valkyrie Squadron w/ co-host Pete Vine
194: Sandy of Crowbar Benson
193: Lora Innes & Crystal Yates talk Comic Creators For Freedom
192: David Reddick
191: Mark Slater from Sla-Yer
190:, an independent movie studio, fantastic short horror films.
189: Adam Black from Locus Comics
188: Robyn Seale: The Watcher of Yaathagggu
187: James Riot & Barry Linck
185: Anise & Wei from Epidigm
184: Joshua Jenkins from Plan B
183: David Shirley from FERA w/ cohosts Tom Swezc & Michelle Van Zandt
182: George Ward
181: Fan Expo Recap 2011
180: Dirk Manning from Nightmare World
179: Aidan Casserly from Scapula
178: Tyler James
177: Liz Staley from Adrastus w/ co-host Trevor Kent
176: Michelle Van Zandt of Ginpu w/ co-host Tom Swezc
175: Rose Loughran of Red Moon Risingw/ co-host Jules Rivera
172: Amy Letts of Epic Fail
171: Denver Brubaker from Tales of a Checkered Man
170: Scott King from Holiday Wars
169: Lora Innes from The Dreamerw/ co-host Alan Evans
168: Peter Gruenbraum & Amanda Kingsley from Coiled Comics
167: Christopher Steininger from Dead Heaven
166: Johnathon Brock
165: Jim, Dave & Mike from Rise Comics and creators of BAN: Sidekicked
164: Kam and Kneon Pratt from Shadowbinders
163: Entire Amya Chronicles staff w/ co-host Jules Rivera
162: Lee and Lisa from Godseeker
161: Ryan Dow from Introspective Comics
160: Byron Wilkins
159: Rob Chambers from MeatShield
158: Chris and Amy from [citation_needed]
157: Dustin Reese of Plus One w/ co-host Dr. san Juan
155 – Trevor Kent from Chromacorps
154 – Nathanial Sullivan from Athra
153: Tricia Lupien from Swiftriver Comics
152: Kat Curtis “The Naked Nerd” from The Naked News
151: Gordon McAlpin of Multiplex
150: Chris Watkins of Odori Park
149: Dr. San Juan of Callous Comics
148: David Adams of Slightly Off-Topic
147: Howard Noel of Tara Normal
146: Luke McKay, Griffon Ramsey & Geoff Ramsey of Rooster Teeth Comic Books
145: Guns of the Shadow Valley
144: Robin Edwards of Cardboard Angel
143: Trevor Muellerfrom @$$hole
142: Antoine Gagnon from The Drunken Fools Returns!
141: Tara M. Avery of Dirtheads w/ special guest co-host Christine Smith
140: ‘Mookie’ from Domenic Deegan
139: TGT Webcomics in review (past guests make an appearance)
138: Evan Hodgins from Of Noobs and Men
137: Arne Schulenberg from Union of Heroes Returns! w/ co-host Michelle Van Zandt
136: Joe Cook from Shattered Myth w/ co-host Michael Thorne
135: John Wigger of Zombie Roomie w/ co-host Todd McElmurry: Halloween Show
134: Tyler James from Over Comic
133: Jamie Jennings of Emerald Winter & Lavender w/ co-host Mike Prokop
132: Alex Herberling from Garanos w/ co-host Michelle Van Zandt: Sponsored by WCB
130.5: 24 Hour Comic Day West Coast: Matt Kirsch of WOWIO
130.5: 24 Hour Comic Day East Coast: Pittsburg extravaganza!: Barry Linck, James Riot & more!
130: Dan Long from EQ Comics w/ co-host Samantha Wikan: Sponsored by WCB
129: Samantha Wikan from Life’s A Witch Returns
128: Aja and co-author from True Magic: Sponsored by WCB
127: Daniel Davis from Monster Commute
126: Lar deSouza: Blind Ferret Entertainment: Least I Could Do, Looking For Group
125: Chris Hazleton & co. from Misfile w/ co-host Michelle Van Zandt
124: J Horsley III & Jeff from Y2CL
123: Brian Anderson from Dog Eat Doug w/ co-host Antoine Gagnon
122: Fan Expo 2010: Monday: Sponsored by WCB
121: Yamino from Sister Claire w/ co-host Alecia Zurita
Podcasting Late Night Jenga Jam
120: Brock Heasley Super Fogey’s Call-in Show!
119: DJ Bogtrotter
118: Barry Linck from Phineus: Magician for Hire Returns
117: The Agents return from Eben 07: sponsored by Snakehead Games: Spy Battle
116: Graham Moogk-Soulis from PostScript
115: Onizumi and Harknell from Intervention Con
114: Krishna Sadasivam from PC Weenies Returns w/ co-host Joel Watson from Hijinks Ensue: sponsored by Amya
113: Jimmy Mizanthrope from AOTE w/ co-host Tom Szewc from Alone in a Crowd
112: Thomas Overbeck & Mike Moreno organizers of the Dallas Webcomic Expo
111: Kate Fazekas from Geminni with co-host Pam Harrison: sponsored by Prism Comics
110: Christa from Eve’s Apple with co-host Pam Harrison: sponsored by Prism Comics
109: Brian Andersen from So Super Duper: sponsored by Prism Comics
108: Prism Winners: Ed Luce & Eric Orner: sponsored by Prism Comics
107: Megan Gedris from YU+ME=Dream w/ co-host Pam Harrison: sponsored by Prism Comics & Star Pirates
106: Colin Ferguson from Snakehead Games
105: Dungeon Warden from Dungeon Legacy
104: Alejandro (“Alex”) Melchor from Nahast
103: Phil Hofer & Adam Kellog from ComicPress
102: Ben Carter & Paul Westover from Woody After Hours
101: Vince Logreco from Oh-No! Comics
100: Ryan Sohmer from Blind Ferret Entertainment
099: Tom Szewc from Alone in a Crowd
098: Mike Dellheim from Prepare to Die / WAGON Webcomic Battle
Part 2: The Comic Book Syndicate reviews 3 Webcomics
097: Keith C Smith from Karmic Debt
096: David Reddick from The Legend of Bill
095: Byron Wilkins from 1977 the Comic Returns!
002: Podcasting with The Webcomic Beacon
094: Michelle van Zandt from Ginpu
093: Yan “Kern” Gagne from Drow Tales
092: Eldon Cowgur from Astray 3 w/ co-host Robert Ryan Cory
091: Colby Purcell from Lint w/ co-host Michelle Van Zandt
001: Podcasting with Tom Racine
089: Stef from Sarah Zero
088: Brock Heasley from Super Fogey Returns w/ MONSTERPLEX
087: Liliy from Wiglaf and Mordred
Marketing 101
086: Jeff Schuetze from JefBot
085: Audra and Scott from Nemu Nemu
084: Rose Loughran from Red Moon Rising
083 -Joel Watson from Hijinks Ensue
082: Trevor Mueller from The Temple of a Thousand Tears
081: Ken from Rick the Stick
080: Sarah Ellerton from Dreamless, Phoenix Requiem & Inverloch
079: Barb Jacobs from Xylia Tales
078: Tiffany Ross from Shivae Studios
077: Jenny Romanchuk from The Zombie Hunters
076: Irma Eriksson from Imy
075: Tony and Josh from Tuna Carpaccio PI
074: Andrew Schnorr from Elderly Apple
073: Tara Tallaon from Galaxion
072: Scott Austin from Heroes Inc.
071: Chris Flick from Capes n Babes
070: Lis Boriss from Broken Plot Device
069: Jermaine McGruder from Warrior Born
068: Adam Smithee from The Apple of Discord
067: Jen Brazas from Mystic Revolution
066.5: 2009 24 Hour Comics Day Part 1, 2 and Separate interviews
066: Peter Vine from Hard Graft
065: Tim Collins from Bullfinch
064: Jeff aka BlkKnight from Crossing Death
063: Ming from Fantasy Story
062: Jessica Cantlope from Millennium and LOVEFEAST
061: Lora Innes from The Dreamer
060: Gina Biggs from Red String
058: Briana Higgins & Carissa from Rune Masters: Tales of a Demon Slayer
057: John Zito from Black Cherry Bombshells
056: Karl Kleese from Willow’s Grove
055: Holly Reisch from Close to the Chest
054: Thomas Overbeck from Times Like This
053: Rachel and Scott Dukes from Poseur Ink
052: Rachel Keslensky from Last Resort!
051: Carlisle Devonish from Steal This Comic
050: Antoine Gagnon from Drunken Fools
049: Amy from Charby the Vampirate
048: Smiley Face Commandos
047: Alina Pete from WereGeek
046: Dawn Griffin from Zorphbert and Fred
045: David Rodriguez & Dave Reynolds from Shadowgirls
044: Pam Harrison from House of the Muses
043: Alan Boone from Rival Angels
042: Arne Schlenberg from Union of Heroes
041: Dungeon Warden from Dungeon Legacy
040: Jules Rivera from Marsh Rocket
039: Denise Guinn from Snakes & Apples and Stupidity in the Right Ear
038: JGray and Keith from Mysteries of Arcana
037: Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright from Girl Genius Online
036: J Horsley III from Y2CL
035: Emy Bitner from Trying Human
034: Stephanie O’Donnell from The Original Nutty Funsters
033: Mike Schlosky from Mikey’s Life
032: Byron Wilkins from 1977 the Comic
031: Eldon Cowgur from Astray 3
030: Jennie Breeden from The Devil’s Panties
027: Jesse Justice from El Diablito del Ring
026: No Spark, Jumping the Shark
025: Jeremiah Witkowski from You, Me and Steve
024: Brock Heasley from Super Fogey’s
023: Tom Dell’Aringa from Marooned
022: Dan Burleson from Oy Comics & Marie Tary from Brymstone
022: Ben from Kerslash and Katie from Juathuur
021: Cheeko from One Question
019: Barry Linck from Phineus: Magician for Hire
018: DBethel and Eben07 from Eben07
017: Peter Tarkulich from Bardsworth
016: Gisele L and Dave Z from Menage a 3
015: Bill Holbrook from Kevin & Kell
014: Plug your Webcomic site
013: Jamie Robertson from Clan of Cats
012: 2008 Web Comic Reader’s Choice Awards
011: Chuck & Steve Rowles from The Gods of Arr’Kelaan
010: Scott Sava from Dreamland Chronicles
009: Nena D from Heard and Seen
008: Scott and Benita Story from Johnny Saturn
007: Colby Purcell from Lint
006: J Gray from 2nd Shift
005: John Bintz from A Moment of Clairty
004: Krishna Sadasivam from PC Weenies
003: Starship Moonhawk
002: Nick and Sarah from Cwen’s Quest
001: Emy Bitner from Trying Human