In these times of uncertainty with everything in the world going upside down and topsy turvy. We need a little humour to help us through the day. Enter the commandos that do every job with a smile on their face, because they can directly from the mind of Jeff Frame author of Smiley Face Commandos this should definitely put a smile on our faces.

The Fate of the Commandos – by Jeffrey Frame on

As you may have noticed, lately I’ve been sending out some of my older comic strips rather than creating new Smiley Face Commandos strips. This is partially due to the fact that I wanted to compile all of my old comic strips in one place for folks like you to enjoy. So you can see all of my Abram, Joey & Dad comics, along with other random cartoons I’ve done over the years.

But, much more so, it’s due to the fact that I’ve decided to concentrate my efforts back on filmmaking rather than the comic strips. A few of you may lament this shift, because you actually like my cartoons and you’ll be seeing them a whole lot less often. But I’ve been unsuccessful in developing a very large fan base with the comics, so the masses won’t know the difference.

Though I really enjoy drawing cartoons, I’m also very passionate about pursuing filmmaking. Much more so, at present, than the cartoons. The commandos won’t disappear forever, but they will likely be taking a very long hiatus. I want to thank you all for supporting me and occasionally laughing when you’re supposed to laugh.

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