The (Hi)story of Two Geeks Talking (TGT)

Two Geeks Talking (TGT) was started on August 8, 2008, (Officially the first podcast was on July 24, 2008, but it was just a test) by Kurt “VertigoX” Sasso and Phil “Frumph” Hofer as a way to interview Webcomic creators from the many webcomics that were being added to

2008 / 2011 – TGT Webcomics

Phil: “I need your help on a database website I’m putting together for Webcomic creators.” my friend said to me one day.
Kurt: “You know what would be cool, if they could be interviewed.” I replied
Phil: “I’ll be busy with the website, Go for it.” he said.

With those words, all those years ago, TGT was born. Sure, it had some stumbling blocks, technology issues and the lack of knowledge in how to interview people about themselves and their comics.

In a just four years, TGT reached 300+ podcast interviews, with an average of just over an hour.

In 2009, we joined iTunes to showcase all of our podcasts and soon it will have the video interviews posted as well. 

In 2010, I brought TGT into the realm of Video Interviews at Comic Conventions, which was something that had never been done before, by a (at the time) Webcomics-only podcast. By the end of 2010, there was over 200 interviews posted on YouTube. As of 2012, we not only surpassed our 250th interview it also reached over 51,000+ views on YouTube!

At the end of 2010, the show was no longer about just Webcomic creators. It became an Entertainment Industry Interview show thanks to the additional Video interviews from the Conventions.

2011 / 2012 – TGT Media was born

By 2011/2012 I changed the name of TGT Webcomics, bought the domain TGT Media and switched over to accommodate the growing need of creative interviews in  the genres of: Comics, TV/Film, Music, and Game Publishing.

Other notable charity projects

Through these interviews, and with the help of Byron Wilkins, we banded 60 Webcomic/Comic Creators together with the common goal of feeding hungry families across North America. A Comic Cookbook was created, ‘Webcomics: What’s Cooking? Feeding Families: City by City‘ where all proceeds are donated to the National Food Banks of Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.

Hundreds of interviews online in both Audio and Video formats. Over 570,000 downloads in both mediums. Creative people that I never thought it possible to interview, were virtually sitting across from me in the studio.

While this is still just a one person operation, I have been fortunate enough to work with a great many people from Guest Co-Hosts, to field reporters that go to conventions that TGT isn’t able to attend, to Reviewers that have the drive to put together articles about products in these various fields.

Here are just a few of the long standing co-hosts, I have to thank: Phil Hofer, Byron Wilkins, Pam Harrison, Barb Jacobs and Michelle van Zandt for all the help making those episodes a blast!”

All our shows are free. is supported by advertising, Patreon, and personal contributions. All contributions help with the cost of the show. I thank you for your support.

 2013 – Present – Two Geeks Talking – Milestones, Speaking engagements and new faces.


In 2013/2014,  The need to change from TGT Media to Two Geeks Talking came from a rebranding and many people asking: “What does TGT stand for?” While it is an easy question to answer, I felt it was time to showcase what it always meant… A place where creative people could talk about themselves without being interrupted. To enjoy a spotlight on their creativity while being asked thought provoking questions.

During this time the interviews with more notable actors from the Entertainment industry kept rolling in. Interviews from TV Shows like:

YouTube star Gavin Free from The Slo Mo Guys and

Lost Girl actors Anna Silk, Rick Howland, Zoie Palmer, Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo

Warehouse 13 actors: Eddie McClintock, Aaron Ashmore, Allison Scagliotti

Defiance actors Julie Benz, Grant Bowler, Stephanie Leonidas, Dewshane Williams, Graham Greene, Jaime Murray and Nicole Munoz

Once Upon A Time actor Raphael Sbarge

Other actors like Casper Van Dien, Parker Stevenson, Erika Eleniak

Voice over actor Cas Anvar

Eisner Award winner Vivek Tiwary for The Fifth Beatle

Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey Canadian Comic Book historians and restorers of Johnny Canuck and Nelvana … and many more (Click the Archive for more interviews)

Achievements Unlocked: Milestones

The YouTube channel went from a few thousand hits to over 350,000 within the year and continues to grow every day (update 2020: over 570,000 views on YouTube). The quality of content due to these wonderful guests and questions they answered are all thanks to these people taking the time to be interviewed and their fandoms that follow them. As of this history update the YouTube channel is closing in on 400,000 downloads.

The Audio portion of the show, those past interviews and the audio versions of the current video interviews have reached over 50,000 downloads.

Meanwhile, as these years have quickly flown by, TGT is reaching yet another milestone: 700 interviews. At some point during these interviews it dawned on me that as a solo interviewer I have gained many amazing friends and interviews over the years. I went back and started counting all the interviews since 2008, including all video interviews from conventions. While the count is still going, it is safe to say that within the next few years our milestone of 1,000 interviews will be achieved. I think San Diego Comic Con will be an appropriate place to make that happen don’t you?

New Journalists added brings a spark to the site

TGT Media had grown in size employee wise. With the need to expand into written articles, I sought out journalists and writers that wanted to expand their knowledge and challenge themselves with the Entertainment industry specializing in Comics, TV / Film, Music and Video Games. With these writers came fresh perspectives, opinions and excitement about these industries.

Speaking engagements on Podcasting, Documentary film maker and TedX

Recently, I have been asked to talk about Podcasting and specifically Two Geeks Talking to University students. While I have been interviewed on other online shows like: The Webcomics Show, Patreon Podcast and The Webcast Beacon Network, speaking in front of a class is exciting. You have everyone’s attention on you and the content you want to show off. I have made it my mission to show people I talk with the errors of my ways and while I know that no one can truly follow in how I have done things, at least I can be a person to steer them in the right direction.

Since going back to University in 2012, due to my passion for Two Geeks Talking and the need to challenge myself creatively, an opportunity to start making Documentary films came to my attention. I have spoken with so many creative people a nagging question came to mind: “How do they become successful?” This idea started brainstorming and asking creative people a series of questions, surprised me and the film is entitled “Little Person amongst Media Giants” will be born with possible release dates at Comic Conventions and more events coming soon.

This lead into another opportunity following a few days in the life of Comfort and Adam, creators of the comics The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark. This two-day journey entitled “Animated Realism” dives deep into their process, life, thoughts and struggles being independent creators in Michigan.

Finally, while this is not confirmed as of yet, I will be speaking at a TedX conference about Creativity in Visual Arts. This will be a broader topic on my journey from where I came from to where I am currently in my life. I hope it will cause people to think about their creative path. But, check back on this site for more information as it appears… I should hopefully know before November of 2014.

12th Anniversary Update: 2020

For those that have been following me and my interviews with Two Geeks Talking, it is the 12th anniversary of the show! I’ve lost count at the number of interviews that I’ve had over the years; But, it couldn’t have been done without a few wonderful people.
First and foremost would be Philip, for being there in the beginning and pushing me out of my proverbial shell. It all started with you.
Secondly, Past cohosts from Byron, John, Carlo, Pam, Alan, and many others that FB will only limit the amount of people I can tag. They all brought in their own insights and questions to make whomever the guest was at that time be included.
Third, to the many other listeners and viewers over the years, from Podcasting to transitioning over to Video Interviews, you have all stuck by and enjoyed the shows. For that I thank you all.
Fourth, to the friends that I would never have met if I wasn’t a Geek/Nerd. Thanks for enriching my life with everything that you do and continue to do.
Finally, to the Guests that come on the show. Thank you. Without you there wouldn’t be a show. Without your passion, excitement, creativity, drive to complete your Comics, TV/Films, Music or Video Games I wouldn’t be able to showcase it to the fanbase that the show has.
As for the show itself, it like many other things has evolved. From a simple VOIP Podcast (TGT Webcomics) show Two Geeks Talking/TGT Media with over 570,000 views on YouTube
Here’s to many more years ahead. Thank you for everything.
Show Website:

Final Thoughts until the next update

I want to thank you. Yes, you who took the time to visit this page. To read through my online journey bringing you creative people. I hope that in some way you have been moved by their stories, their struggles and their lives. Maybe you have listened to those interviews about myself being interviewed and learned something from them. That has always been my wish of this show.

As I’ve always said: “Everyone has a story to tell. It’s up to me to bring it out.” – Kurt Sasso, Two Geeks Talking 2008*

Enjoy the rest of the journey and see you next time with another creative and talented person.

Who knows… It might just be you.

* (If you use this quote give me credit for it, it has been documented before on other sites)