TGT Media Logo TGT Media is a weekly podcast with hundreds of interviews from various creative people in the Comics, TV/Film, Music, and Game industries like:Comics:
Ryan Sohmer, Lar deSouza, Phil Foglio, Gina Biggs, Jennie Breeden, Bill Holbrook, Brock Heasley, Joel Watson, David A. Rodriguez, Megan Rose Gedris, Brian Anderson, Sarah Ellerton, Dan Long, Mookie, Paul Taylor, Steve Ellis, David Gallaher, Dave Barrack, Trevor Mueller, and many more.TV/Film:
Rick Howland, Michael Cornacchia, Zulay Henao, Caleb Steinmeyer, Kathleen Zulch, Geoff Thorne, Todd Harris, John Crye, Paul Hungerford, Johnathan Robbins, Elitsa Bako, Tights and Fights and much more

Kirby Krackle, Adam Warrock

Game Publishing:
Ubisoft, Longbow Games, Sakura River Interactive

TGT Rant Logo TGT Rant is a about things that just get us riled up and the guests that come on our show. It could be about anything as we promote a healthy discussion just so we can clear the air.
Geeky Jobs Logo Geeky Jobs is a podcast with Geek Job Guru and author Steven Savage as we discuss taking your passion (whatever that may be) and turning it into an acutal career.
Faecast Logo Faecast is a podcast talking about the hit sci-fi show, Lost Girl. a Canadian produced show picked up by: Sy-Fy. We discuss past episodes and our thoughts on it. Interview the cast and crew from the show as well as bring on the faemazing fans of Lost Girl from Twitter.
Kurt Game ReviewsLogo Kurt Game Reviews are short rants and reviews about various video games that we’ve played. We really don’t hold back about games that we like and games that we truly hate. *other titles for the show: TGT Video Games, Bargain Bin, $10 Video Game Bin, Reviews from a Sasshole, Kurt Game Reviews