Mission Statement
Two Geeks Talking (TGT) is a collection of Interviews (Video, Audio and blog-style) and researched blog posts, providing great content from creators in the Entertainment Industries specializing in Comics, Film / TV, Music and Video Games. Many of these interviews you will not find anywhere else on the internet.

Intent of this Site:
The first most important aspect that TGT has to offer is this. We care about the people we interview. We aren’t looking to check famous names off a list and be done with them. We are building professional relationships, one interview at a time. Being an interview site, we have had our fair share of famous interviews since 2008. Reaching seven of nine continents around the world, we have maintained a friendly atmosphere where any and all guests can enjoy themselves and talk about what they are passionate about. Whether it is themselves or a project that they are currently working on, TGT has been around to let them be the creative people they are. This is why they keep coming back to be interviewed year after year.

The second most important aspect that TGT has to offer – and the reason why people should want to write for us – is that we provide individual voices bringing in their opinions on the material these fandoms love. While being mainstream is a bonus, we also want a diversity in content and fandoms that many people celebrate and enjoy. It’s that passion and creativity that makes TGT a site unlike other Interview shows online today.

Writers are given the ability to write at a minimum once a week between 500 – 1000 words. As long as the articles they post are factually accurate, which will be checked by our editor, then it can be placed in queue for it’s posting. Writers are given a trail basis of one-month, where deadlines are to be met and posts are to be, as stated above factually accurate.

What can YOU write about? As long as it is strictly Entertainment related to this site, then you can write about: Your opinions, Thoughts on any news in the industry, Entertainment Reviews and if you feel that you want to increase your Journalism skills, Video interviews can be scheduled, as long as your dedication and time with TGT progresses. Show TGT you can meet deadlines and Journalist rewards will be available.

Site Alliance / Crossroads Alpha (CA):
TGT is part of a site alliance called Crossroads Alpha. The intent of CA is for each specialized geek culture site to focus on its specific area of specialty while sharing resources, content, support and other details with its partners. We share a common core site and RSS feed, hold weekly meetings, and plan to do more collaborative and cross-site work between the sites. Currently the team is: