080: Sarah Ellerton from Dreamless, Phoenix Requiem & Inverloch
079: Barb Jacobs from Xylia Tales
078: Tiffany Ross from Shivae Studios
077: Jenny Romanchuk from The Zombie Hunters
076: Irma Eriksson from Imy
075: Tony and Josh from Tuna Carpaccio PI
074: Andrew Schnorr from Elderly Apple
073: Tara Tallaon from Galaxion
072: Scott Austin from Heroes Inc.
071: Chris Flick from Capes n Babes
070: Lis Boriss from Broken Plot Device
069: Jermaine McGruder from Warrior Born
068: Adam Smithee from The Apple of Discord
067: Jen Brazas from Mystic Revolution
066.5: 2009 24 Hour Comics Day Part 1, 2 and Separate interviews
066: Peter Vine from Hard Graft
065: Tim Collins from Bullfinch
064: Jeff aka BlkKnight from Crossing Death
063: Ming from Fantasy Story
062: Jessica Cantlope from Millennium and LOVEFEAST
061: Lora Innes from The Dreamer
060: Gina Biggs from Red String
058: Briana Higgins & Carissa from Rune Masters: Tales of a Demon Slayer
057: John Zito from Black Cherry Bombshells
056: Karl Kleese from Willow’s Grove
055: Holly Reisch from Close to the Chest
054: Thomas Overbeck from Times Like This
053: Rachel and Scott Dukes from Poseur Ink
052: Rachel Keslensky from Last Resort!
051: Carlisle Devonish from Steal This Comic
050: Antoine Gagnon from Drunken Fools
049: Amy from Charby the Vampirate
048: Smiley Face Commandos
047: Alina Pete from WereGeek
046: Dawn Griffin from Zorphbert and Fred
045: David Rodriguez & Dave Reynolds from Shadowgirls
044: Pam Harrison from House of the Muses
043: Alan Boone from Rival Angels
042: Arne Schlenberg from Union of Heroes
041: Dungeon Warden from Dungeon Legacy
040: Jules Rivera from Marsh Rocket
039 – Denise Guinn from Snakes & Apples and Stupidity in the Right Ear
038: JGray and Keith from Mysteries of Arcana
037: Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright from Girl Genius Online
036: J Horsley III from Y2CL
035: Emy Bitner from Trying Human Returns!
034 – Stephanie O’Donnell from The Original Nutty Funsters
033: Mike Schlosky from Mikey’s Life
032: Byron Wilkins from 1977 the Comic
031: Eldon Cowgur from Astray 3
030: Jennie Breeden from The Devil’s Panties
027: Jesse Justice from El Diablito del Ring
026: No Spark, Jumping the Shark
025: Jeremiah Witkowski from You, Me and Steve
024: Brock Heasley from Super Fogey’s
023: Tom Dell’Aringa from Marooned
022: Dan Burleson from Oy Comics & Marie Tary from Brymstone