Lace up those boots. Straps on those masks and make sure you are all warmed up for we are heading to the land of high-flyers and moves that make you go: Oohhh, Ahhhh and Oooo. Not the circus…

No! We are heading to the Free Flying Federation wrestling ring with Justice Jr and his webcomic of Jesse Justice from El Diablito del Ring!

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Guests in Channel:
Frumph, JusticeJr., JamieCOTC VertigoX Scottstory Samantha Argonsassistant Mike Leuszler troubleticket Irmajoy7 Caspell Worldwide Guest 9 – Ming aka Artmaker Jamais Amuletts Purple_phoenix Matt Stout Lynn in the PM Guest 6 – Jay Guest 7,8, 10, 11

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