A while ago I received an email from a guy saying, I really would like a review of my webcomic and here’s the link. I took a look at it was only two pages.

I politely emailed back this person and said “While I can review your work as is, it wouldn’t do any good this early in the game. Create more comics and contact me again.” That person thanked me for my words and went back to work feverishly on his comic.

That person is none other than Ming (aka Artmaker on Twitter).  So, here’s your review and spotlight like I promised you.

For those of you that don’t know who he is Ming author of Fantasy Story. Then either you haven’t had twitter very long and you haven’t read a really great comic.

The art style reminds me of a mixture of old style Asian paintings and manga style characters. It is usually done in black and white.

Between a Troll and a Hard place

Between a Troll and a Hard place

When that touch of colour comes into play it really show’s Ming’s true style of work.

The storyline itself is not complete but it just wants to make you read the comic and re-read it once you have finished reading what is complete so far. It’s about a boy with a dream of becoming a cleric and his secret quest. Along the way he meets up with a thief and … Well you’ll just have to read on.

The website redesign that has been done on Fantasy Story is top notch and really fits the overall theme of the comic.

The site along with his blog and his massive amounts of twitters asking questions, promoting the webcomic community as a whole, Ming is a person to look at in the coming years as a fresh face to the already wonderful webcomic community.

For MING!!!!

For MING!!!!

All in all, Ming’s Fantasy Story Comic is a great comic. He’ll also be on the podcast September 13th, 2009.

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