It’s been too long since I’ve done a spotlight and that’s really what I enjoy about this site, besides the podcasts themselves, these spotlights really showcase some amazing people and talent. Here’s a comic that I personally couldn’t think of a better time to spotlight.

Stick figures get a bad wrap in the webcomic community. Only until recently have they become cool and hip (do they really have hips?… hmmm) and that allows a person to focus on the writing of that comic. However, when you read Ken Drab‘s Rick the Stick, you get not only Rick the Stick but you get a cast of well drawn characters that really show Ken is fleshing out his webcomic (so to speak).

Really it isn’t about stick figures and normal people, although he is the last of his kind, not Immortal though. His race of stick figured people have all been killed off and he is the only one to live on. His main friend in Milton is really his balance to his crazy out there ways. In all honesty they really are the ‘Odd Couple’ of the webcomic community.

From the very beginning you can tell that Ken has improved his art. In fact, that’s what his first few pages is about, actually showing the style of his artwork from beginning days to his current style. Both Milton and Rick have changed and if you don’t think that a stick person can really change well, take a look and find out.

His storylines range from quick one day strips to actual long format story arcs that are condensed into 3 – 5 strips long. Every story though gives you a glimpse and even possible fore shadowing of future events which becomes apparent in his now recent storylines.

Website design is Ken’s forte and in fact he was the one that redesigned TGT Webcomics and is working on redesigining the Webcomic Planet. Not only did he reorganize (and it was much needed) the site here, but he also took the time to graphically design a majority of the features on this site.

On Rick the Stick his main focus is the comic itself as the website is centered around the comic in a very easy to navigate and search for the information you need.

The best part about this website is the fact that his comics all have a mouse over feature that lets you hear Rick’s thoughts on every comic. It’s quite refreshing to see for sure and not many webcomics out there do that, or do it well.

Ken is a hard man to pin down, but if you are in need of his assistance, and if you can find him, you can hire … Ken Drab. Really he is a true professional in his craft of website designing, his webcomic is a great read and if that wasn’t enough you can listen to his podcast below to make your own decision.

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  1. Ken Drab


    I can’t thank you enough Kurt! I appreciate the comments and it was great working with you. It was an honor to help with the redesign of the site because I’m a huge fan!

    Here’s to wishing you continued success and a phenomenal time in Chicago coming up!

    Rick the Stick