There are not many times I get requested to do a spotlight on a webcomic that blends action with humour. So when I received an email from Jeffery Frame author of Smiley Face Commandos I was intrigued by the unique name of the comic as well as the concept.

Take three commandos for hire with nothing on them but the clothes on their backs, weapons in hand, a smile on their face (quite literally) and a quick witted pun or joke around at every turn.

Usually what happens is that a strip like this one would run out of puns after the first story. However, it is a testament to Jeff’s writing that not only does he keep each strip funny but has done so consistently for over 105+ strips now.

He presents his strips in batches of five with each one playing out a different scenario, sometimes continues from a previous set. At least every scenario has some kind of action sequence if not then usually one of the commandos is in the hospital after some heroic deed or two.

But this strip isn’t just about the SFC. Jeff has a variety of other characters that interact with the SFC’s; a deliverer of bad news; a mongolian assassin with his own code of ethics and a spoon lady. You really don’t see that in webcomics these days.

So, if you haven’t read Jeffery Frame’s Smiley Face Commandos, give it a whirl and it will definitely put a smile on your face 🙂

7 Responses

  1. Jean

    Someone sent me a link to this strip, and now I’m hooked!

  2. scott

    It is really exciting to see the Smiley Face Commandos get out there. I look forward to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when a new SFC comic comes out. Its just a lot of fun. The dialog is witty and the art is top-notch. Keep those comics coming Jeff!