Well unfortunately, Phil Foglio did not make it to the scheduled podcast but we will definitely get him for another month this year. This is the Jumping the Shark Episode.

We did have a great show with a fair number of various webcomic authors and artists from many different webcomics putting in their experiences as a reader and from that side of the pencil.

Right Click to Save As, Left Click to Listen: Episode 27

Guests in the Channel:
Adam Rutten – Ant Guy, Caspel Worldwide, Denise Guinn, JusticeJr – El Diablito DelRing, Eldon Cowgur – Astray3, Jamie – Clan of the Cats, Matt Strut, Max Fractal, OyComics – Dan Burleson, CharlyBu – Charly Burleson, Peter Tarkulich – Bardsworth, Samanta – Life’s a Witch, Scott Story – Johnny Saturn, Jamais – Sex Percussions, Mike Scholsky – Mikey’s Life, Mike Leuszler – Open Mike, Insert Foot, DungeonWarden – Dungeon Legacy, Wills23

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