A webcomic idea can either be either grandiose and complex as a Greek labyrinth or as simple as a few characters and a well thought out storyline. The webcomic created by James Spencer for Dr. Sheep and the Aardvark not only has a well thought out story but simply brilliant characters.

At first I thought it was a simple two character gag strip but then I really started to get into reading the strip for what it was. A deep story underlining a basic concept of who we really are…

Are we the studious Dr. Sheep or the simple minded yet deep on another level Aardvark?

Could I be looking too deeply into a comic? It has a great overall story of unlikely friends, heroic measures and an ending that is interesting. That sounds like a great recipe for a comic.

Go check out James Spencer’s: Dr. Sheep and Aardvark. Don’t count the sheeps or else you’ll miss reading the rest of the comic.

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