It has been said that there are worlds upon worlds not unlike our own, from parallel dimensions to alternate realities. But, what if magic was the real boundary that separated the worlds? Wouldn’t you travel them just to see what was on the other side? Even if going into the unknown meant never coming back?

Tonight on TGT Webcomics we have with us back again JGray and this time he’s with his fellow artist Keith as they talk about their newest webcomic: Mysteries of the Arcana

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Frumph, JGray, Verias (Keith), ScottStory, imnotbob, Samantha, DrunkenFools, rmtools (Briana , iggins), Willows Grove, Mike Leuszler, JusticeJr, dgriff13, JHorsley3, Guest 3 – 7

Website links posted in channel: – JGray & Keith webcomic – Keith’s UStream for MotA – full of great authors and artists talking about everything – Rune Masters – Diablito del Ring – Life’s A Witch – Johnny Saturn – Z & F

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