Continuing on with the spotlights in the quote of the day bonanza, we are looking into the realms of sword, sorcery and fantasy with various races, both pure and half-breeds. Where jokes fly as straight as arrows aimed at the funny bone, shot by a halfling (have you ever seen a halfling fire a bow? It’s funny trust me). We visit the author Dungeon Warden of the webcomic Dungeon Legacy

Between the wonderful story lines; the well written dialog between the characters and the action sequences that Dungeon Warden (DW) has created in Dungeon Legacy, you can tell that he loves the way his characters interact with each other.

The drawing is consistent all the way through the comic and just keeps getting better over time. Every character is unique and the action sequences are well done. While every chapter seems short there really is alot happening in every panel. Which gives you all the more reason to read through everything carefully.

The website loads quickly and you get a little extra under each comic as you read what DW goes through process wise as well as what he was potentially trying for as well as what he finds funny or unique about each comic. There are also guest appearances and guest strips for the comic between stories.

You can find your faithful companions as you enter the local tavern and everyone says your name as you enter. The bartender is always cleaning the same mug and nods to you. Thus, begins your tale….So, if you haven’t read through Dungeon Legacy, you are missing out on another great comic and should read it. Feel free to roll on humour checks you get natural 20 every time.

3 Responses

  1. Gladis

    I found this podcast through Google. great stuff

  2. tbowl

    Art always improves later on 😛 😛 😛 He probably just picked some of his favorites. Good review! It made me smile a lot!

  3. DungeonWarden

    This is a great write up. It almost makes me want to read the comic, and I created it. I wish you'd used some of the newer strips as the art really does improve later on.