David Peprose has been nominated five times for The Ringo Award, for his comic Spencer & Locke and the sequel Spencer & Locke 2. Followed by his comic Going to the Chapel and now his wildly successful Kickstarter Campaign for The O.Z. which takes the next generation granddaughter Dorothy, a returning military veteran back to the war-torn world of OZ. We dive into a number of topics including mental health awareness, Trauma (which is a topic all on its own), journalistic experiences, Perseverance and supportive individuals.

This is one interview that you should watch/listen to all the way through. David’s insight into the comic industry of New York / L.A. mixed with working in both Television and the Comic medium is truly insightful. We also talk about Spencer & Locke 1 and 2, Going to the Chapel and The O.Z. Plus, look forward to his answers to the final four questions of the interview. They may surprise you!