Bif Naked is a Canadian Punk Rock / Alt-rock singer, songwriter, author, humanitarian that has been on the music scene since the 1990s. Her numerous albums, unique style and kick-ass attitude on stage has lead to much acclaim. I was fortunate enough to schedule an interview as she was finishing up her newest album “Champion” at Producer Doug Fury’s studio, which if her music video back in February 2020 entitled “JIM” is any indication (Also directed by Doug Fury) it is going to raise some eyebrows and get your head banging. With so little time to really dive into too many subjects, we touched on a variety of topics from musical inspirations, hardest song of hers to sing on-stage, nervous around famous people, the “Champion” album, and much more. Without further adieu, I present Bif Naked! Please take the time to Subscribe to our channel, Like this video, share it and Comment as well. It really helps support myself and Two Geeks Talking online.