What started out as just one guest quickly turned into three as we had a slight batch of technical difficulties to start off the show. Our special guest George (aka Dungeon Warden) from Dungeon Legacy showed up and was joined by: Samantha Wikan from Life’s a Witch as well as; Ryan from Channel Ate.

Life’s a Witch

Channel Ate

During the show, well… something happened; You’ll have to listen to find out!

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Frumph, DungeonWarden, SamanthaWikan, ChannelAte (aka Ryan Utah), JHorsleyIII, ThomasOverbeck, ArgonsAssistant, ImNotBob, BlkKnight, TakaComics, TimFisher, WillowsGrove, PurplePheonix, CatCatDragoo, Guest 3 – 7

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