War can be hell. But, it can also bring people together. We talk to author, Peter Vine from Hard-Graft about the world in which the untold stories of War and the world of assassinations, espionage and good ol’ shoot outs. Well talk about his podcast with Jules Rivera, his previous works and projects and of course how to say his artists name!

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Prestwickuk, Rob Chandler, OyComics, CharlyBu, DungeonWarden, JulesRivera, Sephiramy – O31.net, tr1guy, LiamBradley, Purple_Phoenix,Mike Leuszler, Willows_Grove, Tim Lai, Guest 5 – 8

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Kurt Sasso is the Founder, Executive Producer and Host of Two Geeks Talking (TGT Media) show. He is a documentary filmmaker, professional videographer and has Honour degrees in Visual Arts / Communication, Media and Film and Computer Science.

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