Creator Samantha Wikan from Life’s a Witch is a webcomic about a family who live in the Texas suburbs. The mom is a Witch named Zelda and the husband is a video game designer named Bill. They have two children, Bryan and Louise. Tina is Zelda’s (a/k/a Witchy’s) best friend and she works as the local tooth fairy.

URLs to visit: (NSFW)

4 Responses

  1. Samantha

    Cedric: Familiar Ground is in the blogroll on my site too! I hope folks come by your site after hearing the podcast.

  2. Largento

    Great podcast! Always interesting to hear the voices of the creators and hear how they view their craft. “Life’s a Witch” is a great webcomic. Thanks to the person who suggested The Wannabe Pirates and thanks to Samantha for endorsing it!

  3. Cedric Atizado

    Enjoyed the podcast as I was inking today. Imagine my surprise when Samantha Mentioned my comic ( first among the list of comics that she liked.

    My hiatus ended earlier this year, and I’ve been updating five days a week since April.