Due to some issues from a few weeks ago, Jessica Cantlope was kind enough to have us reschedule her interview. But, we are back with Jessica and a special co-host of the evening as well as we talk about not only her two comics but her ability as a writer, laptop skin creator and other projects that she has yet to mention. A multi-talented author / artist to be sure from her love of Tarot to her webcomics Millenium and LOVEFEAST.

Guests in Channel:
VertigoX, Tr1guy, Senshuu, DungeonWarden, PaulW, albone, imnotbob, Tracy Williams, Bjarmi, Guest 2 – 11

Various Website URLs:
http://www.senshuu.com/ – Jessica’s Main portal
http://millennium.senshuu.com – Millennium Webcomic
http://millennium.senshuu.com/pages/archive – Millennium Archive
http://lf.senshuu.com – LOVEFEAST Webcomic
http://lf.senshuu.com/pages/archive/ – LOVEFEAST Archive
http://www.jessicacantlope.com/ – Graphic Designs and Illustrations Portfolio
http://senshuu.deviantart.com/ – Jessica’s Deviant Art Site
http://ai.senshuu.com/ – Jessica’s personal Art / Design site
http://tarot.senshuu.com/ – Jessica’s Tarot Card project
http://www.nippon-ichigo.net/ – Portal for all things Japanese blog
http://www.lulu.com/content/575107 – Grey a Novella by J. Cantlope
http://oekaki.senshuu.com/ – Oekaki
http://www.retaggr.com/Page/Senshuu – Senshuu’s Retaggr Profile
http://mtac.net/ – Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
Donate to Jessica Cantlope

Other Website URLs:
http://redmoonrising.org/ random plugs of friends!!1
http://undertow.dreamshards.org also one of my favorite comics
http://brymstone.net pluggy!
http://applearmy.com/hero These are all my faves though XD
http://shadesofgrey.rydia.net/ – Shades of Grey

I’m Not Bob in print format!
It’s the first I’m Not Bob mini-comic which collects the first 5 I’m Not Bob comic strips. 16 pages black and white with a white card stock cover. $2 for the book + $2 for shipping. Can be purchased directly from me with PayPal on the site.

Eben07 and DBethel turn 2 years old!
Tomorrow, September 7, 2009, the Eben07 comic will celebrate it’s second year in creating a comic on the web. This milestone is an important one for us, and, despite released highly classified material onto the web, we felt we should endeavor to spread the word as we celebrate all week long. Here are a listing of some of the happenings at www.eben07.com this week:

On Sept 7th, a blog will be up featuring some of the Eben07 highlights over the past two years. (link: http://www.eben07.com/?p=3791 )
Sept 8th – The release of our first year two comic & first look into the office of the shadowy Director of Operations, J. Herman Shepard.
Sept. 9th, announcing the Second Saturday art showing at Big Brother Comics.
Sept. 10th – Conducting a month long raffle of original Eben07 art & a $25 amazon.com gift card
Sept. 11th – a blog revealing the minds behind the curtains of Eben07.
Sept. 12th We will be having an art showing on Saturday

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