This is a long time coming and I can only hope this makes up for the late spotlight but it’s a well deserved one at that. There’s something that can be said about aliens that come to our planet dressed as dogs to study our way of life and see what makes us tick. That something can only be one word: Hilarious!

Dawn Griffin is the fabulous author of Zorphbert & Fred a creation of hers from a while back looking at the day to day life of two lovable alien characters dressed as dogs named: Zorphbert (the man… I mean alien on a mission) and Fred (the prettiest kitty / dog in the whole world).

This webcomic is a cross between Odd couple meets Mork and Mindy. With the amazing writing that really makes you read over everything to her wonderful art style with the facial expressions of all of her characters (not just the main ones) it’s no wonder that Zorphbert & Fred is getting such wonderful attention it truly deserves.

She is one of those authors that make this webcomic community so wonderful in the sense that she is really approachable either through email, Twitter and her Facebook Zorphbert & Fred Fan page as well… With a great insight into shadowing and other illustrator quick tips and tricks that she’s picked up throughout her years of experience, she’s more than willing to help out giving these pointers.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dawn in one of our podcast episodes earlier this year and you really get to understand why these characters and the various story arcs are near and dear to her heart. You know what they say, you write what you know and have experienced. You can hear more about from her in the podcast below.

Dawn has done some amazing work with her website in the past six months as well. A nice alien themed customization that fits her webcomic to a tee and on top of all that she has her store with some pretty unique items as well which you can find here:

With being as busy as she is, Dawn takes the time to do the occasional project from guest art to drawing a complete cooking themed comic with her characters for our Webcomics: What’s Cooking? promotion project.

So take a look at her webcomic about 2 Aliens. Disguised as Dogs. Here to Study Human Life. No, seriously. That’s Zorphbert & Fred a hilarious comic that you’ll read from front to back and back to front many times over and that’s not the Aliens compelling you to do so either 😉

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  2. VertigoX

    Yup I fixed that thanks for the update and I’m glad that you liked it 🙂

  3. dgriff13

    Wow, what an awesome write-up! Thanks so much!

    I would like to correct one thing, however. Zorphbert is the smaller disgruntled “terrier”, and Fred is the “pretty kitty” fat boxer. Don’t feel bad, they’ve been mixed up more than once… I wonder why people figure their names fit better the other way?