To Finish off the Influential Women in Webcomics and 2009 for that matter, we have one of my favourite webcomic Author’s out there with Sarah Ellerton from Dreamless, Phoenix Requiem, Inverloch. We’re travelling across the pond yet again and this show will cap off another wonderful year.

With Special Co-host Jules Rivera from Valkyrie Squadron.

Chat Room Log:
canterrain – Woosh.
VertigoX – heya Josh
VertigoX – and ZR 🙂
canterrain – Sarah is from Australia, yes.
canterrain – *will be right back afk* looking forward to this!
VertigoX – kk
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX – Latest Article by Jules Rivera
VertigoX – heya Robot
robotbeach – Yo
VertigoX – Sarah Ellerton will be around later on
robotbeach – I so agree!
VertigoX –
canterrain – << is this where i say, “Name names!”
VertigoX – lol
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX – Kitty Hawk
canterrain – << Barb Jacobs! *cough*
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX – The Alcoholic
VertigoX – Graphic novel
VertigoX –
VertigoX – heya Tyler 🙂
VertigoX – and Caspell
canterrain –
robotbeach – They are dropping all their comics at keenspot.
Tyler James – Hey everybody.
VertigoX –
VertigoX – robot: what?
robotbeach –
robotbeach – essentially they stopped taking submissions and the new contract everyone will be asked to sign at Keenspot is intended to get everyone to leave.
VertigoX – wow…
VertigoX – that’s just crazy
robotbeach – it all got leaked when Kel from sorcery101 was let go.
VertigoX – ahh I gotcha now
robotbeach – The comments in that thread are awesome.
robotbeach – not because of it
robotbeach – unofficially announced.
robotbeach – no, I think it had been in the process for a while. Kel was just the first to get the axe
VertigoX – wow… thats a horrible decision
robotbeach – Everyone will be asked to sign a new contract that is designed to get everyone to leave:
robotbeach – Creators that signed the contract would be required to be hosted by Keenspot, use their updating program, turn over control of ad slots,
VertigoX – wow…
robotbeach – and accept a 50/50 revenue split on the advertising.
Tyler James – I agree with you when Zuda is loading slow…
Tyler James – but full screen Zuda comic viewer is gorgeous.
VertigoX – Vegamite
VertigoX – It’s not like Tang
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
Tyler James – yeah…Dan Govar (Azure @ zuda) does some great all-digital uStreaming…really helped him win fans and readers
VertigoX – oh?
VertigoX – got a link for that?
Tyler James – Actually, it was livestream
Tyler James –
Tyler James – ha
Tyler James – hey there
JulesRivera – hallooooo!
robotbeach – Comedy writing sucks
robotbeach – I’m sitting here not writing as we speak.
VertigoX – lol
VertigoX –
JulesRivera – comedy writing is definitely a challenge
VertigoX – Dawn Griffin
My portfolio:
My comic strip:
Kids’ book series:
Tyler James – Yay Dawn! (Met her in Baltimore.)
JulesRivera – I’ve had to throw out all kinds of jokes that weren’t good enough
VertigoX –
Tyler James – come to New York CC Jules!
Tyler James – met Ken in Bmore too
Tyler James – another cool dude
Tyler James – night guys! Too cold on the east coast…hopping into bed!
JulesRivera –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
JulesRivera –
robotbeach – Alright gang, I am out.
VertigoX –
VertigoX – Now with Sarah Ellerton 🙂
VertigoX – Sarah will hopefully be at Comic Con next year
VertigoX – Look for her with B. Crosby and Sarah for Dreamless and Phoenix Requiem
VertigoX – Jules will be at SD Comic Con
VertigoX – PR should be finished next year
VertigoX – Tracy Butler – Lackadaisy Cats
Caspell Worldwide – Thanks Kurt! Great show!
VertigoX – Any questions for her?
VertigoX –
VertigoX –
VertigoX –

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