There are aliens among us. Living and recording our every move. But who knew it would be like this… We have proof that they… get ready for it… are dressed as dogs. No, I’m not crazy I’ve seen them! (men with white coats take the crazy man away). *ahem* Sorry about that but there is no such thing as dogs dressing aliens monitoring our every move. But you can find them in Dawn Griffin’s Zorphbert and Fred.

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VertigoX, Frumph, DGriff13, RickTheStick, Mike Leuszler, TakaComics, ArgonsAssistant, Caspell Worldwide, Prestwick, BlkKnight, DungeonWarden, chiba37, thefigurecoach, mdoom, Nocifer, Linoge, Guest 2 – 8

Various Website URLs: – Dawn Griffin webcomic – Zorphbert & Fred store – Dawn loves this comic – Dawn’s other store – Children’s book that Dawn illustrates

Other Websites discussed: – Phineus: Magician for Hire – Red Moon Rising spotlighted on TGT – Rick the Stick – Sunday’s guest

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