Another wonderful webcomic and published webcomic author Erika Moen was at C2E2. Creator of Oh Joy! Sex Toy (2014) this was Erika pre-Penny Arcade Strip Search back in 2010 when she was still working on DAR!

We got a great interview with her and you can find out more about Erika on her main website with everything she’s done:

2 Responses

  1. Lucy Knisley

    Hmm. This was a nice interview, but all the art up at the end is actually mine, not Erika’s. And Erika’s name is misspelled in a number of places on the interview (it’s with a K, not a C. Erika, not Erica). I’d appreciate it if the art issue was corrected– no big deal, just as soon as you can get to it. Thanks!

    • VertigoX

      Yup that has since been fixed 🙂 Thanks for your input and it was a pleasure to meet / interview you at C2E2.