I have been looking forward to this conversation with author of five books (and a sixth on the way), creator of the Fan to Pro website as well as a wonderful person and motivator to take your passion and turn it into a career. Steven Savage joined me in the studio and the time just flew by. If you have Imagination, Creativity, Passion or feel in a rut, THIS is the podcast for you to listen to.

There’s a contest at the end of this episode so stay tuned and win a FREE TGT Media T-Shirt. Listen until the end and win!

Draw version of John Cleese, as a ‘Sexy Anime Bish┼Źnen’ in the style of ‘Hetalia: Axis Powers’ style performing a ‘Sexy Walk’ from the “Ministry of Silly Walks” Sketch.

You’ll win a TGT Media T-Shirt. If multiple entrees this will be voted upon by the listeners and Steven Savage himself!

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  1. Anonymous

    Now, remember for the image, you have to email it to me – “kurt at tgtmedia dot com” I hope everyone gives the contest a try.
    Subject Line: John Cleese Sexy Walk