In our twenty-second episode of TGT podcast we finished up our December is Rampage Network month with a double interview from: Ben from Kerslash and Katie from Juathuur. Both beautifully drawn webcomics with two totally different storylines and styles of drawing.

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Ben from Kerslash

Katie from Juathuur

Quote from Katie:
“Had a blast on the podcast even though I ended up having to call in from a police station. Kurt and Phil were great hosts and really made me feel welcome and at ease. It’s always wonderful to see the webcomics community coming together through mediums like these.

For shy artists like me it’s a great opportunity to share what we do and chat with like-minded folk. And anyone who can attempt the crazy pronunciations from comic with good humour earns uber-kudos from me. I will definitely be listening in on future episodes!”

Guests in Channel:
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