There are many webcomics out on the internet, yet there are none that capture the true mind of an IT professional the way Krishna Sadasivam does with his webcomic PC Weenies v2.0.  This comic is based off the life of Bob and the daily circumstances that surround his life as a Father / Husband and IT Pro.

From humble beginnings to his day-to-day problem solving skills;

You know you are a computer nerd when...

You know you are a computer nerd when...

To the quirkiness of his parents and family;

There truly is something for everyone in this comic.

Besides the day-to-day life of Krishna has set up a wonderful system to include his many readers to participate in any of his comics and many take the time to get custom strips done for themselves, family and friends.

With a comic that has been around for ten years (and counting), Krishna is active in his other real-life comic project called: Uncubed.

For those that haven’t had a chance to read a humourous take or want to get to know truly what it is to be an IT person, go and read PC Weenies and UnCubed for that matter and see what Krishna has to offer, I know you will enjoy every moment of it.

If you’d like to know more about Krishna you can listen to our TGT Webcomics fourth podcast at the bottom of this page.

So in the immortal words of Krishna’s lovable character Bob:

Webcomics, Ho!

Webcomics, Ho!

You can hear more from Krishna and about PC Weenies and his amazing knowledge of Photoshop and his life so far:

4 Responses

  1. dgriff13

    yay! PC Weenies! I had the pleasure of meeting Krishan at Webcomics Weeken, what a guy!

  2. Barry Buchanan

    Great post. I’m a huge fan of Krishna’s work. There are so many things that really hit home on PC Weenies being an professional IT person myself. Not long ago I discovered his other site . As a father, husband, and son he hits even more aspects I can relate too. Both his sites are great and wonderfully done, I’m so jealous of his many talents. He is well worth the read. I just don’t know how he could have the time to do both sites with his job and beautiful and busy small child at home. He is one proud poppa, as he should be.