There are many times I will get a message from Phil asking if I have read a certain comic; The most recent of his messages was about a comic called: Astray3 by Eldon Cowgur. About 85% of the time I haven’t read it and while I dread going through someone’s archive, I know that whenever Phil recommends a comic to read that it’s a damn good one.

Out of the thousands that he has suggested and I have read from start to finish, he hasn’t disappointed me yet (and after all these years I don’t think that is possible).

The first thing that jumped out at me was the art. I mean, the facial features of the people are both well done and truly depict the shock, horror, confusion and the overall feel of each scene.

But then you start to really read and look at the way the story blends in with the art you can see that this is truly a different comic that will keep you coming back.

While it is a fairly new comic, Astray 3 has a solid buffer that will keep you going back time and again even if you have already read the story. There are little things in the backgrounds that you may not notice before that you will say, “Now that’s cool why didn’t I notice it before.”

I don’t know how or when Eldon Cowgur and this comic will end; but, I hope that that will not happen for many years because I know one thing for certain: You will be reading this, from start to finish many, many times along with Eldon’s other projects.

Tune in on February 22nd, 2009 and listen to Eldon as he will be on the podcast. Enjoy a great webcomic and support all webcomics by getting a little something for yourselves.

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  1. Cote

    I’m a lawyer. It would be a crime not to have someone read this awesome comic. Go read it today or I’ll see you in court.