Hey All!

It’s our 6th Anniversary! What better way than to have a Tournament! This year Episodes 251 – 309 will be battling it out to see who had the BEST interview! They can ONLY do that if YOU vote starting August 11th!

What is the TGT Tournament?
For those that don’t know this Tournament showcases the past fifty-ish interviews and has a weekly voting system where the winners move onto the next round.

The anniversary of our show happens every August 8th. We take the time this month to keep doing great interviews and also promote the past fifty interviews to showcase the talented people we have had the pleasure of

talking to on our show. Episodes 251 – 309 will be in this year’s Tournament. This is a great way to cross-promote your sites and gain traffic, support your fellow creative people through social media as well.

Needless to say, past guests that have won the Tournament have come back on the show the following year and they have been interviewed. There are also prizes like: copies of Manga Studio, Webcomics: What’s Cooking? cookbook and more.

That being said, here is the list of interviews for this year’s Tournament!

251 – Dale Harvey
252 – Kambrea & Kneon Pratt from Shadowbinders
253 – Shawn Gustafson and Al Fukalek from The Specialists
254 – Conor McCreery from Kill Shakespeare
255 – Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan & Pilar from M.O.U.S.E
256 – Robert Garrett from XMoor Studios
258 – DJ Coffman & Jason Embury from “Hero by Night”
259 – Chu from Slightly Damned
260 – Animation Aficionados podcast
261 – Johnathon Brock Business Convention Models
262 – Drew Pocza from Pokeweed & Pocza.com
263 – Daniel French from Pearls of Mer
264 – Brock Beauchamp from Variables
266 – Gavin Free from Roosterteeth
267 – Rob Barba & Ayne Barba from Megami Studios
269 – Scott Lincoln from Ralf the Destroyer
270 – Liz Staley from Adrastus
272 – Jason Leaver from Out with Dad
273 – Eben Burgoon & Dan Bethel from Eben07 5th Anniversary
274 – Drezz Rodriguez from El-Cuervo
275 – Chris Flick from Capes N Babes
276 – Bridgett Spicer from Squid Row comics
277 – Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein & Scott Rubenstein from The Script Broker
278 – Dion Floyd from Aqyarius Entertainment
279 – Astrid Johannsen from Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry
280 – James Ferguson from Happy Holidays the Movie
281 – Tess Cooper from Little Forkers
282 – Hushicho Phoenix from Incubus Tales
283 – Eben Burgoon from B-Squad
285 – Mike Witmer from Pinkerton Park
286 – Sharean Morishita from Love, Love, Fighting!
287 – Raven Perez from Raven’s Dojo
288 – Savannah McIntyre from Amya Chronicles
289 – Ran & Cory Brown from The End
290 – Scott King from Finish the Script!
291 – Serdar Yegulalp from Flight of the Vajra
292 – Victor Chu from Manga Magazine
294 – Howie Noel from Tara Normal
295 – Dirk Manning from “Write or Wrong”
296 – Kojika Cosplay
298 – Little Moo Moos Cosplay Initiative
299 – The Clown Prince of Charlotte
300 – Together Brother Productions & Terranova Productions
301 – Byron Wilkins
302 – Aidan Casserly from Scapula
303 – Jennifer Brazas from Mystic Revolutions
305 – Voices against Bullying
306 – David Steinhoff & Shane C. Rodrigo from Journey of the Seeds
308 – Tom Szewc, Stef marcinkowski, and Max Vex The PODCASTALYPSE!
309 – Dave Wachter and Jim Clark from Guns of Shadow Valley