A former auxiliary police officer now K through 4 grade school art teacher with a wacky and crazy comic based on the art styles of Mad Magazine and The Garbage Pal kids. We are joined today by Joseph D. Rodriguez form Wacky Monkeys.

3 Responses

  1. Mark Stokes

    I just watched this amazing interview. Great job, Kurt! It’s so nice to learn more about Joseph and the road that lead him to begin his wonderful online comic.

    Joseph is a consummate artist. There’s no one else online who draws or thinks like he does. His work certainly stands out and he lavishes so much effort into every line! It’s a blessing he doesn’t “fit in” because who wants to fit in? You can look at just one tiny portion of his art and instantly know who he is, his work is that unique.

    Joseph is also a wonderful supporter of other artists and their work. I appreciate the shout out, Joseph! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep up your excellent work!

    • Joseph D Rodriguez

      Thank you so much for your kindness and words of encouragement, Mark!
      And you’re welcome about the shout out. I enjoy your comics so much, it’s definitely worth a mention! :O)

  2. Joseph D Rodriguez

    I had lots of fun! Thanks for the interview, Kurt. :O)

    Also, thanks to my readers. I enjoy your interaction and encouragement!

    And if you haven’t stopped by, I welcome you to visit the Wacky Monkeys @ http://wackymonkeys.com/ and join in on the fun!