The Guns of Shadow Valley is an exciting new Western adventure series from the creators of Scar Tissue. Set in the 1870s in the Oklahoma Territories, Guns is a tale of intrigue and adventure that puts a new spin on the Old West. Harvey Award nominated, loved by all.

Written and Created by: David Wachter and James Andrew Clark
Illustrated by: David Wachter
Lettered by: Thomas Mauer

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Great listening while I worked on my comic. Had to add music and the actual comic to make the full listen worth while (please add production value), oh and the interviewer sucked. But I enjoyed it, so thanks (yes, even you interviewer guy).

    • KurtSasso

      Seeing as this was before I started doing intro and outro music. I do agree that it needs that extra production value.

      As for the interviewer, myself, sucking as you so called it. How can this be a better interview? Listen to a few newer episodes, it gets better.