It can be said that when we are young we have the world as our oyster. Those that are the entrepreneurial types learn at an early age the world’s oyster can be one heck of a shell to crack… Same can be said with the characters of Tim Lai’s – Lemon Inc.

A fun loving tale of being young with the dream of becoming rich off of a Lemonade stand. But, as any shrewd business person knows (and apparently these young g- getters as well) that it takes a few steps to be successful.

1) Capital
2) Investors
3) a sound business mind
4) customers…

While they haven’t reached steps 3 or 4 yet… or even scratched at steps 1 or 2 there’s no lack of trying that’s for sure.

Tim has a great concept for a webcomic here and while an extremely young comic in its own right, he’s taking the time to plot things out at his own pace. The website design is especially interesting in the sense that it feels like a home made lemonade stand, the graphics for the menu items are nicely created and all the pages work including the Cast page.

While Tim does have his concept laid out as you can read in the About page it can safely be said that things may change in the future for Lemon Inc… Could there be a hostile take over once the companies have been formed? Will there be diplomacy or will there be some backyard dealings? Only time will tell.

Right now, take the time to enjoy the setup of what will definitely be a great comic for the future. You can even see Tim’s style as he inks and colours in a wonderfully done video in the Extras page.

If you’d like to learn more about Tim, his style and everything about his comic you can Twitter him at: As for the Lemonade? You may have to wait in line and provide two forms of ID and no credit taken, it’s a cash only economy out there 🙂

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    • Tim Lai

      Thanks for the love Praveen! 🙂 I wish I could update more often too. I’m considering moving to two times a week but I don’t think I could put as much effort into the art if I did.