Welcome to the first of many episodes on Two Geeks Talking (TGT for short)! The Entertainment Interview show made for the passionate reader and fan in the genres of Comics, TV/Film, Music and Video Games.

Tonight’s guest is a new author to the webcomic scene. She is Emy Bitner from Trying Human. This will be her first podcast and with her style and story we as readers can expect great things from her in the future.

Trying Human is a sci-fi romance webcomic that simultaneously follows the journey of two women: Rose, a present day receptionist, and Phillis, a 1940’s military translator, as they become entangled in an alien-filled conspiracy. Followed by a menagerie of aliens, the mysterious Majestic 12 and one defunct German scientist, the two women try to figure it all out with over half a century between them.

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