History will always and forever be a part of any culture no matter where you come from. The shot heard around the world; Assassination of Lincon; World Wars I and II; The Moon Landing; Russian Cold war and so on. These are what drives us to really pay attention and learn about the past so that we do not make the same mistakes in the future.

Now in the days of the declassified documents from various government agencies, along comes an organization that even predates the CIA. Welcome the case files of the I.C.A. or International Cleaner Agency and it’s representatives Agent / Author Eben07 and Artist DBethel.

While these are code names for the newly declassified and semi-fictional (names have been changed to protect the innocents) exploits of the ICA the case files of Eben07 are nothing short of intriguing and entertaining.

To be honest, this webcomic is actually more intricate than any I have ever read and in talking with these fine gentlemen in Episode 18 of the TGT Webcomics podcast (Which can be heard below and show notes on the archive page) you can really hear that they get into their characters as though they live them.

Starting with Eben07 we have a writer that is a great lover of US History the way it happened, no conspiracy theories just a straight up telling of how it was but add in the factor of people trying to protect history for what it was, a mystery.

Add in the fantastic artistry of DBethel, which just keeps getting better page by page, case file by case file. In looking back at his eariler work you can tell he is a great artist.

The latest batch of case files:  For the Love of Russia and Operation Mongoose are just truly incredible in both the writing and the art. Following the exploits of Agent Eben07 and Ninja Dan are really enjoyable.

On top of all of this it’s not just about going to the site and reading the webcomic and then leaving. Oh no, that’s not the case at all. You can follow them and chat with them on Twitter (Eben07 and DBethel), follow them on Facebook, and follow them through their RSS Feed.

They have Monthly contests for various prizes just for commenting on their news posts as well as have great author / artist appreciation for their fans and always take the time to comment, answer questions. These are the types of people that the webcomic community has and are great role models for new up and comers.

If you haven’t had a change to read this webcomic and I really don’t know why you wouldn’t want to. Read through the declassified documents of the archives, the dossiers, the news posts and see how in-depth these guys have made their webcomic for people to keep coming back to. I know I never miss it.

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