Our third podcast of the series was from two very funny people, Mike Prokop (MacPaladin) and **Marie Tary from Starship Moonhawk. Even with a few names that were mispronounced this was a great show with really great with our special guests Michael Prokop and Marie Tary.

**Marie Tary is no longer the artist as she has continued to work on her own comics: Byrmstone and Shifters

The story focuses primarily on the adventures of the crew of the Starship Moonhawk in the 30th century (starting in the Earth year 2977, 1000 years after the birth of the series creator, to be precise.), and thus, is not a “20 minutes into the future” tale. The world of the 30th Century is not nearly as high-tech and sanitized as some sci-fi authors would have us believe. Humanity is on the verge of “utopian society”, but there are still some very cynical elements of human nature floating about holding them back. Thus, we can still examine modern issues outside the regular setting. But, the road to get to this point was long and hard.

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