This year a show began that consistently surprises its fans with just how good it is. Mr Robot follows Elliot Alderson who is a tech by day, hacktivist vigilante by night. When I first heard this show existed on a network like USA, I was quite skeptical. I’m quite a fan of their hit suits, but I was half expecting something more episodic and less cinematic than what we are actually offered here. This weekend at Fan Expo Canada, we had an early chance at celebrating this show’s success, with Showcase syndicating Mr Robot in order for Canada to join in on the Mr Robot love. And lucky for the fans who are already in love with the show, we got to meet Mr Robot himself, Christian Slater.

Room 701A filled with fans of Mr Robot in order for them to get a “sneak preview” of episode 2 of the show. Some of these fans included a group of about 50 people wearing Showcase Mr Robot hoodies, who were chosen to represent the panel. Seeing this group was something very reminiscent of the followings that go on in the show Mr Robot, and also shows that this show definitely will be having quite the cult following.

The panel for this show was something quite interesting, seeing as they are trying to promote a season of television that more than half of the audience has already finished. That being said, trying to walk on thin ice while discussing the show brings some disappointment to fans with so many burning questions, having just finished the first season of the show.

Christian Slater is very much a person with a lot of love for his fans, and did his best to give everyone what they wanted from him.

Kurt here to add context to this great article so far by Elliot: A week before Fan Expo Canada started, asked over Twitter for questions to Christian Slater with the hashtag #mrrobotishere. Here is what I submitted:

“@showcasedotca @FANEXPOCANADA long career from Pump up the Volume to Archer, has Mr. Robot changed your style as an actor #mrrobotishere” I also added in another tweet “… Great to see you in such a powerful role, you being part of this cast made it incredible.” and now back to the rest of the article.

He discussed one of his very early roles from the 1990 film Pump up the Volume, as the panel host informed him that Allan Moyle the director wants to make a sequel with him, and gave some interesting and hilarious but probably false trivia about what Slater was like in his youth. Mainly the fact he used to exclusively drink a blended maple syrup and bacon concoction. Slater also discussed his work on archer, and his great respect for the show runner as well as the actors on the show. Slater also referred to TGT’s very own Kurt Sasso as a “cool guy” when being given an interview question presented by him.

Following the panel, Christian Slater signed autographs at the showcase booth in which he spent time taking pictures and talking with all of his fans. Slater’s appearance was definitely memorable, and went above and beyond what was expected from a convention guest. Mr Robot will continue to grow in success, but for now it is great to see that one of the lead actors of the show has so much care for his fans.