Hope this email finds you well this holiday season.I have news! I wanted to let you know that the children’s book series “Abby’s Adventures” for which I provide the illustration has released it’s fourth book entitled “Christmas Carol.. and Little Miss Scrooge“. The writer, Suzanne Ridolfi, our publisher Penny and I are very excited about this book… it’s a sweet-yet-modern take on the classic Christmas Carol tale, geared towards girls 3-8 years old. And it’s JUST IN TIME for the holidays! For only $10, it makes a wonderful gift for a little girl.

You can preview the entire book HERE.

I know everyone is penny-pinching this holiday season, as we are. I am not asking you to purchase a book per se, but I am hoping you can take a minute to tell your friend/family member of yours who has a young girl or knows a young girl who would love an “Abby’s Adventures” book!

Even just one friend, that’s all I ask. Or even a little promotion of the website, which is http://www.abbysfanclub.com, on a social network you use, like facebook or twitter. Rick and I are doing all we can this holiday to scrape up enough money for gifts and to pay the bills, and a couple sales would be really nice, and with your “word of mouth” exposure we can make that happen!

The paperback books are only $10, and there’s also 3 more titles (Picture Day, Dance Recital, and Earth Day) if anyone would like to give a couple more books away as gifts. You can see all the books and order them online here: http://www.abbysfanclub.com/books