Everyone likes a good anti-hero. The guy that’s willing to get things done, no matter the cost. A man that gets screwed over just for doing his job. All in a days work. Now, add that into a film noir style comic and you have the comic El Cuervo by creator Andrés “Drezz” Rodriguez.

Thinking about quitting...

First off, don’t let this style of art fool you. ‘Drezz’ is an amazing artist and has put together quiet a collection of different styles. Not only that he has also been in the marketing business for over ten years.

The Betrayal: 1.5

He even takes the time to showcase different colouring techniques, tips and tricks on his website: idrawdigital.com

El Cuervo Redux - The Betrayal

The comic itself is extremely well written, the pacing is nice and you get an indepth look into the methodical nature that is the main character, hitman-for-hire Eddie Vargas

El Cuervo Redux - The Betrayal

Now the art style while simplistic, really accents the tone that Drezz wants to set for the comic.

The Betrayal: 1.12

Think of this comic, like watching a Frank Miller film or something from a Quintin Tarintino film.

El Cuervo: The Noir Webcomic - 15

Overall, it’s a great comic that does keep you intrigued through and through.

El Cuervo: The Noir Webcomic - 21

Keep this in your RSS reader. This story is just getting started and I’m already hooked.