You know you’ve been busy when you have a friend tweet the following:

@sarah_zero “Congrats on TGT’s anniversary! How many years has it been now?”

For those that don’t know it, Stef from Sarah Zero comic (awesome dude as well btw) messaged that to me.

It took me a second to think, has it really been that long? Since 2008, TGT has been around and it wouldn’t have happened without a great friend that many in the Comics community know as Frumph. I’ve told the story many times but without his personality I wouldn’t have found my voice and continued on with the show.

But, what has occurred in eight years? We’re 3/4 of the way through 2016 going into 2017…

1) I’ve actually lost count on the number of episodes I’ve actually done… No, really I have I think it’s 800 or around there. If someone wants to count, by all means comment below.

2) Still using social media Twitter and Instagram and Facebook as I can. Search for @KurtSasso for anything social media.

3) Comic conventions are still a thing for me. Love them and great meeting creators that I didn’t even know listen to the show. Still throws me for a loop.

4) TGT Tournament didn’t run this year. Will it come back? I hope so. I know a lot of people enjoyed the promotional aspect of it and there was a lot of fun and intense website breaking rivalries to be had…

5) Started a Patreon, but I need to revamp it. Tom Racine’s awesome Patreon is just too good… Need to up my game.

6) I’ve been doing Video interviews for the past three or so years now 🙂 Please clean up your office like Ryan did or keep it close up to you like I do so that you can’t see behind me…

7) I’m looking to attend conventions and even speak on Panels or even interview your guests. I need another form of creative output.

8) I have a BACKLOG of two plus years of interviews to UPLOAD to the podcasting servers.. I’m Sorry…. truly sorry….

So, that’s just a brief rundown of what’s gone on in the past eight years, summarized for your reading pleasure. Here’s to another

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