There’s something about a comic that has the recipe of the following ingredients. “Take many strong (literal and figurative) female characters. Mix in a touch of fan service. Stir together major and minor story arcs and character development. A few thousand strips later and Vola! You have Paul Taylor and his wonderful comic: Wapsi Square.”

The tale revolves around the busty and brilliant Monica, who is thrown into an plot to not only save the world, from a machine.

No, this isn’t a plot from Terminator. Arnold has nothing on these ladies. This is only one of many different arcs that come into play with Paul’s story telling.

There are alot of different themes that are played throughout this comic.

Emotionally strong personalities and positive role models

Moral and Ethical values.

Sanity, emotions and questioning one’s believes and the structure that surrounds them.

Did I mention there are mythological creatures from Chimera’s to the Aztec God of Alcohol?

While this Pick of the Week only scratches the surface, you’ll have more than enough to read with an archive that spans over six years.

For everything that Paul draws in his characters, he’s extremely committed to showcasing strong (mentally, physically and emotionally and all of the above) talented women in his “The Wapsi Girl Project”

The explanation on his website needs no paraphrasing and I shall leave it here for you all to read and ponder.

“If you’re a regular reader of my comic Wapsi Square then you know that I do my best to show women as positive role models in my comic (all shapes and sizes), be it through body image or handling of life’s curve-balls. About a year ago, I had several of my female readers contribute to a new project called the “Wapsi Girl Project“.

As often as I can, I feature a new positive female role model that exemplifies the spirit of the “Wapsi Girl” and that’s for each of the women spotlighted to define, as it‘s an open ended question. I have everyone that contributes write a few paragraphs to answer the question, “What is a Wapsi Girl?” and relate how these elements pertain to themselves or any story they might like to share.

In short, centering on real women with real problems that find creative solutions to keep going. My hope is this project will be something to inspire other women who may not yet realize this powerful potential inside of them.”


Dig into the mythos that is Paul Taylor‘s Wapsi Square and you won’t be disappointed. 5 out of 5 Golem’s agree!